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Carlin Tripp's Energy Is Felt Through His Music and We Need More of It!

Carlin Tripp is a laidback folk-rock artist whose drawing from a life spent roaming this great country. His nomadic spirit is felt through his music that sends a peaceful relaxation to his listeners. Carlin Tripp has dropped two amazing singles this year that deserves every amount of recognition it can receive. These singles include, “When You Go” & “Time Is On Our Side”. Both songs you can become hypnotized by how mesmerizing Carlin Tripp is. He enhances your mood with every element of his songs and this is a characteristic that not many artists can do.

Carlin Tripp's spellbinding aura allows him to abduct his listener through intriguing melodies with an indelible impact. His music is felt the moment you hear the first note, sending a wave of tranquility into his listener that you will want to experience over and over. His songs reflect on love lost, love found and the trials and joys we all face in our day to day existence. He is known for capturing audiences with his intimate lyrics and gripping stage presence. Carlin Tripp is the artist you want to be on the lookout for, and we’re sure he’s bound to make magic happen at the start of a new decade. Keep an eye out for Carlin Tripp throughout 2020!

Listen to Carlin Tripp here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Carlin Tripp! How has it been touring all around for you? What has been the most memorable experience for you?

Hello! Thanks for having me. Touring has been a real joy, I love New England and any chance I get to visit places like Portland, Burlington, and Boston is awesome. There are great people in all these cities and some amazing venues, I feel lucky to share my music on these different stages. I would say my most memorable experience was when was Reid Genauer asked me to open for Strangefolk in front of a sold-out crowd at the Paradise Rock Club. It was a huge honor and a great nod from one of my all-time favorite bands. Also a chance to step on one of the most iconic stages in Boston.

Let’s talk about your music! In what ways are you able to personally relate to your lyrics in songs like “When You Go”?

Well, "When You Go" is kind of a melancholy tune, which is not a place I typically go to with my music, but there is no denying that life gets harder as you get older and the people that you love to do as well. My father was diagnosed with Lymphoma which was very difficult and I have grandparents who are now in their eighties. My mom also experienced a health scare not too long ago and I guess I just started thinking about the mark that we leave behind and how we live on in our loved ones' memories after we pass.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Time Is On Our Side” And why?

"Time Is on Our Side" is another song about growing up and getting older, though not quite as heavy as "When You Go." I think the biggest challenge with recording that song was that it was fairly new when I approached it in the studio, so I'm not necessarily sure I knew what it wanted to be. Whether it was a Folk song, a Ballad, or a more Americana sounding tune. Luckily I have a great production team and talented collaborators who really helped discover its sound.

Were there any arrangements you wanted to change between “When You Go” and Time Is On Our Side”?

There's always a part of me that wants to go bigger with the production and it would've been fun to add some percussion to these songs but we made do with what we had. Listening back to them I am very happy with the way that they came out and don't think I would change anything.

As a touring artist, what’s your favorite element to performing live? 

I enjoy the spontaneity of performing live and the touring is great because it puts you in front of new audiences who might have never heard you before. It gives you a chance to make new friends and win over new fans outside of your local scene. I enjoy retelling the stories of my songs to folks who have never heard them before, it breathes new life into the music.

What’s next for you Carlin Tripp?

I've got a few shows through the end of the year and then we are expecting a second child in January so I will most likely take much of the late winter off, except for some local gigs. I am always trying to write new music so hopefully, the muse will oblige and some new ideas will come down from the ethers. There will likely be a late spring tour in the works with my buddy and longtime collaborator Jay Psaros. In the meantime, I am helping to run a booking agency and record label called PB&Jay Records based out of Weymouth, MA and we have a ton of shows that we are working on for 2020. There's always something new happening in the music world!



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