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Carlito Releases Fresh Sounding Hit “Controller”

Carlos who goes by the stage name Carlito was born in New York but grew up in Atlanta since he’s been there since he was 10 years old! Carlito started taking music seriously for around a year and a half now , and we can most definitely guarantee him that this is his route to take! Carlito released his single titled “Controller” which begins with a melodic piano introduction and a suave initiation to his vocals that sounds slightly hazy and muffled before the full dynamic of his vocal tone hits you like a wrecking ball and gets you moving alongside the trap beat instrumental that’s supporting it! We found ourselves bopping our heads along to the dope beat while feeling Carlito groundbreaking delivery and poignant lyricism. “Controller” seems like the song of today’s generation and we're positive people are going to fall in love with the radiating vibrance it presents. It’s perfect for any kickback with friends, cruise in your whip, or blasting it on full volume in your speakers! (The beat is that banging.) Carlito is a fresh newcomer in this game but he has the spark, sound, and image to carry him the long run and we will be supporting him through the journey!

Check out "Controller" here, and keep scrolling for Carlito's exclusive interview!

How has growing up in Atlanta impacted your style in music?

Growing up in Atlanta has definitely had an impact on my style. There are so many dope, different artist and styles and as I began making music I naturally incorporated some of those sounds and styles into my songs.

Who are some of your influences? And what style of rap do you usually cater yourself to?

I probably have the most interesting musical influences for my genre of music: Nelly, Genuine, Drake, The Weeknd (the trilogy was a masterpiece), and Prince. I'm sure there are many more but that is what I could come up with off the top of my head. I have a hip-hop/alternative style of rap. I honestly cannot put a direct style or genre on it, because I feel like my music is versatile and does not fit into one certain box.

Tell us a little bit about “Controller” and the meaning behind it!

My song "Controller" is a play on a remote control, not for a tv or video game, but for a life. Through heartache and heartbreak I was able to combine feelings of lost relationships and lost lives due to drug addiction and depression. Difficult relationships and losing people close to me allowed me to put my experiences into a concept everyone can understand. If you are going to mess around with hard drugs or put yourself into bad situations, give me the controller to your life so i can help get you back where you need to be, instead of losing them...which happened.

Do you write your own music? Tell us a bit about the creation process of the song?

I 100% write all of my own music. I am not going to sit up here and say I freestyle or make a song in 10 minutes...I don't. I listen to the first 30 seconds of beats by myself and if I like a beat and i will replay it a couple times. I will freestlye to the beat a couple times and through freestyling I figure out the theme or concept for the song and begin writing. Once I get a concept or theme for a beat, I get lost in the writing process.

What’s the legacy you hope to leave behind you?

I hope people can hear my music and it can help them with whatever situation they may be dealing with. People deal with heartbreak and heartache differently and whatever feelings or emotions they may be struggling to deal with I want them to know they can turn on a song by Carlito and get lost in the music. All of my songs have a message in them, i just want people to take a second to listen.


Stay up to date with Carlito through the artists Instagram!


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