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Carlos Aviles Opens Up About What It's Like Playing the Role of 'Mick' on NBC's Good Girls

Welcome to BUZZMUSIC, Carlos Aviles! Given your diverse background, and the fact you've extensively traveled and integrated within various cultures, do you feel that the way you've cultivated yourself as an actor is reflective of your true-life experiences? If yes, please give us an example!

Yes absolutely. The best teacher is life. So I am able to pull from real-life situations. It's very much so like the scene between Robin Williams and Matt Damon on Good Will Hunting.

RW- If I asked you about war you’d probably throw Shakespeare at me, am I right? “Once more unto the breach dear friends”. But you’ve never been near one. You’ve never held your best friends head in your lap and watch him gasp his last breath looking to you for help. My life experiences and training have prepared me to be an authentic actor. What kind of roles would you say you're more attracted to playing? Are there certain personalities you're more prone to picking up than others?

Because of the way I look I get typecasted. Which is ok, it's what put me in the position that I’m in, but now that I’m here, I want to play roles where I can show more of who I really am. Father, Veteran, Lover, Educated LatinX man. Just because I’m covered in tattoos does not make me exempt from feeling love or any emotions for that matter. So I want to change the narrative on how the world perceives people who look like me.

Your most recent performances can be found on NBC's Good Girls. What is it like being in the cast of a hit TV series alongside Christina Hendricks and was it easy for you to adapt to playing the character of 'Mick’?

Being on Good Girls has been a dream come true. It’s still very surreal. Christina Hendricks and the rest of the cast and crew have made feel like part of the family. As far as playing Mick his mannerisms are not far fetched from who I am as a person anyway. Not the bad guy aspect but the being comfortable and chill in uncomfortable situations part.  What is your ultimate goal as an actor, and what it is you seek to impart your audience?

My goal as an actor is to continue to be authentically me, to give something back to the world. I fell in love with making people feel something and this is the platform I will do it on. I want the audience to see me. Really see me look past the outer shell. What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020?

Well due to the Covid-19, I really don’t know what is in store right now, but I do look forward to continuing with being part of the Good Girls family.


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