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Case. Releases His Newest Track to Your Night Out Playlist, "Hola!"

Brooklyn based Rapper Case. returns to BuzzMusic with a catchy single titled "Hola!".

With a plan to switch up his musical approach, Case. noted that after touring overseas in Afganistan, he came back a different person with a new outlook on his career.

With the release of his fiery and groove-inducing single "Hola!", we can hear the confidence radiate from Case. as he expresses his fun and lively rhymes overtop a trendy hip-hop beat with the heaviest of kicks.

The track is definitely one that will reach the clubs and nightlife scene once it's up and running, as Case. perfectly portrays this energetic and exhilarating atmosphere. 

"Hola!" begins with melodic ghost vocals chopped up into a hi-fi background melody for Case. to rhyme overtop of. Once the beat arrives at the party, it simultaneously drops down with Case.'s vocals as he begins rapping with dominance. He raps with such a confident tone that effortlessly inspires other artists to reach the same level of authenticity.

While letting us know that Case. has never been one to copy others for their style and musical approach, he puts this message into effect with the release of "Hola!", as it's one of the most vibrant and authentic hip-hop songs we've heard this year.

The danceable beat will surely get you out of your seat, while Case. takes "Hola!" by storm and confidently leads the way for his new perspective. 

Listen to "Hola!" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Case.! We're really getting down with the energy on your latest track, "Hola!". What drove you to create a lively and self-assured hip-hop track that's perfect for the dancefloor?

I want to thank you guys personally for having me back, you guys are amazing. So it’s really interesting that you bring up the creative process for “Hola!” I was working with this producer called “Kujobeats”. I found him on YouTube and when I listened to his production I was genuinely amazed. One of the most talented producers I ever met. He was extremely creative and I loved his vision. We were talking for some time while I was stationed overseas and he asked me if I wanted a beat pack. I accepted his offer and the beats that were in the pack were fantastic. He even threw in some beats he thought would fit me because he tuned into my music as well. It was a mutual vibe. As I’m scrolling through the beats I come across the beat for “Hola!”. I listened to it and was like I’m coming home closer to the summer and I would love to make something uptempo that has a bop. I’m Puerto Rican and I was like I should definitely more Spanish into my music. Even if it’s a couple of words here and there. So as I’m laying down hearing the beats, my friends that I was deployed with hear the beat and were like that’s a dope beat what are you gonna say? As a joke, I was like “I told her hola, I said it’s really nice to know ya”. They kinda laughed at first and I thought it was funny too. After that I was like no I’m serious I could turn that into something and I worked on the song all night. When I got back home that was the first song I recorded. My Consultant/ A&R was like that is a whole summer vibe. I started sending it out to my friends that I was overseas with, and they were in shock and loved the song. They started playing it at parties before it was even released and people were trying to Shazam it. I sent it to Kujo as well for his blessing and he loved it too and since then it’s only been good things. Once the song was dropped I also released pink hats for my upcoming project to fit the vibe of the song.

We're hearing incredible production techniques through your latest single, "Hola!". How did you (or other producers) tweak the production to match the atmosphere and theme you were initially going for?

Great question. So like I said it was part of this beat pack sent specifically for me so. Kujo sent me beats that he thought I could take the next level. After the song was finished I actually had to hit Kujo up and ask where was that sample from. Luckily it was an original recording from a friend of his. He said it wasn’t sampled from any track. As soon as he said that I felt such a relief. Listening to it immediately I instantly thought of the summer and the beach. Once we got the stems I and my team got to work to make sure we made or highlighted certain elements to get people moving and to emphasize the whole “summer vibe”. The song kicks heavy and the sample just really sets it off. 

We've heard that Case. is releasing your second EP "REER," said to be about the changes you've overcome since touring in Afganistan. What sort of changes have you made to your career, and what did your experience overseas teach you?

Some changes I made in my career were trusting the people I was with and letting others in to help me. I always had a problem with trusting people and asking for help. Something I learned while I was overseas was to never take time and people granted because those are two things you can’t get back. The name “REER” is actually the word “VEER” in a different language. It’s a Jedi. The definition of Veer is a sudden change in direction. I felt that with this project I was showing a more serious side of me as an artist and a more put together artist. More on finding my sound what’s going to make stand out as an artist. Especially being from Brooklyn. I learned who to surround myself around and not let people walk all over me. I know what I want and I’m going to work hard to reach those goals. 

Speaking on your upcoming EP "REER," how does the project differ from your first EP "Lonely out in Space"? Did Case. experiment with different sonic approaches as well as lyrical content?

In terms of “REER”, there is a very big jump in lyrical content along with production content. Now that we’re professionally mixing the tracks and really emphasizing my vocals and me learning that my voice is also an instrument really took this project to the next level. The producers and people Iv worked with really helped me out and pushed me to be a better artist in the process of making this project.  A little more experimental for sure beat wise and lyric-wise as well. I rapped on beats I didn’t think I could even rap on and it ended up sounding great and it helped me branch out to other sub-genres of music. There’s definitely a vision in this project and each track has little stories or experiences I've been through. I want people to see different sides of me but still staying true to who I am. 

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is just keeping up with the new music and the trends and working hard. Now that I’m back I can do a lot more and really take my vision and music to the next level. A lot more drops, more projects, meet new people and hope for new opportunities. I really want to build up Brooklyn and I’m hoping with time I can do that so I can show the world who I truly am as an artist and person. 



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