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Cash Burner 5000 Returns With New Heat in “Came Home Bossed Up"

Cash Burner 5000 is back with his latest release! Cash Burner 5000 has always remained consistent with delivering great hit songs but, he has exceeded our expectations with the release of his latest single “Came Home Bossed Up”.

Came Home Bossed Up” was a catchy hit with a fire delivery. The lyrical arrangement in “Came Home Bossed Up” was creative while he radiates a confident flow that supports great energy. Who doesn’t like listening to a great hip-hop song that talks about all the finer things in life that we desire and enjoy? Money, fast cars, and women. “Came Home Bossed Up” treads on a lighthearted path of fun. There are different punchlines in “Bossed Up” that caught our attention, making "Came Home Bossed Up" a memorable release. This highlighted Cash Burner 5000s' creative songwriting skills. Cash Burner 5000 represents reality rap to its fullest extent. He shows us that the ability to demonstrate real-life situations but characterize it with a sense of youth and personality is achievable in the current hip-hop scene.

Listen to “Came Home Bossed Up” by Cashburner 5000, here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Cash Burner 5000! How have things been since we’ve last spoken? Anything new?

I have a new EP dropping April 17 called 5 Days. Its 5 Songs of different events that happened in my life. The Frist Song and video are Champagne Demons that will release April 9 before the 5 Days project drops.

Let’s talk about your song “Came Home Bossed Up”, in what ways have your sound elevated in this single since your prior release? Did you experiment with any new arrangements?

Came Home Bossed Up is from The Roselle 07203 Album. It was produced by DJ Doughboy it was a different sound then I used to do. These beats got my flow sounding different and elevated it to a faster flow. 

What inspired you to write “Came Home Bossed Up”? How would you detail your songwriting approach to this single?

I ended up going to jail and after going jail I told myself I never going back and I was doing something with my Life. So parts of the song come from that. Even if you listen to the lyrics I'm dropping gems throughout the record. Also, ownership is important to own your stuff know contracts, etc. 

In what ways did you challenge yourself in “Came Home Bossed Up”?

To Rap faster instead of slow flow. I picked the pace up in my rapping. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

New Project 5 Days April 17th Mocha project  Its a half rapping and R&B singing project. I'm either going to put it out June or July the project is done. December 17th which is my Birthday New Project will be dropped. I wanna say also prayers to anybody affected by anything going on in the country right now. Hopefully, my music will take your mind off some of the things happening. Peace.


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