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Cashavelly Morrison Channels Inner Strength in a New Single, "Match Me"

Photo by: Heather Evans Smith

Hailing from West Virginia, singer-songwriter and recording artist Cashavelly Morrison encourages us to love our so-called flaws in a new and vulnerable single, "Match Me."

Currently gearing up to release her forthcoming album, 'Metamorphosis,' Cashavelly Morrison's upcoming project is said to be steeped in the roots of her West Virginia upbringing while steering away from traditional genre norms. Declared as an 'Artist You Need to Know' by Rolling Stone Magazine, we're more than excited to introduce our readers to an act that offers just as much talent as she does emotion.

Heightening our emotions with her latest release, "Match Me," listeners are able to form a solid introduction with the need-to-know artist as she wears her heart on her sleeve and invites us to do the same. While offering a similar vocal tonality and delivery to Sarah McLachlan, Cashavelly Morrison is able to open our hearts and pitch camp with her relatable words and dreamy performance.

Diving into "Match Me," the song tenderly opens with a grunge-inspired electric guitar and a downtempo drum arrangement that sets the song's deeply introspective tone. As Cashavelly Morrison makes her bright and angelic vocal appearance, her vocal tones and delivery instantly take us back to the early 00s, especially as she's accompanied by the utmost emotional and chilling instrumental soundscape.

Expanding on Cashavelly Morrison's lyricism, she dives into themes of owning her so-called flaws and steering away from insecurity while encouraging others to show their weaknesses in order to grow. As a wailing lead guitar pierces our speakers with nothing but power and emotion, the song comes to an end, and we're left feeling a part of something greater than all of us.

Allow Cashavelly Morrison's latest single, "Match Me," to be your beacon of inspiration, and find the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Cashavelly Morrison. We deeply appreciate such self-accepting and vulnerable singles like "Match Me." Was there a particular moment that inspired you to write a song about self-acceptance and steering away from insecurity?

This to me is a love song, calling to the person I love to show me all the hidden parts of himself, to do the difficult inner work to be his biggest self, to claim all his power. Vulnerability is hard for me, yet I want to be vulnerable and I want it from my love, sharing it continuously so that we are not just in equal vulnerability but in equal power as well.

Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating "Match Me"? Did you want the song to sound similar to any specific artists or acts?

I didn't have any artist or influence in mind, but I knew I wanted it to be equal parts tough and gentle, which I feel the lead guitar and drums represent.

Was it challenging to be so open and vulnerable when writing your emotional lyrics for "Match Me?" Or was it easy to write such encouraging lyricism?

This song has a lot of longing, and I think I've never really fully expressed that longing till this song, this album. It's scary to express desire because then we have to face disappointment and grief if that desire is never met. I guess it was challenging for me, yes. Previously, I think I unconsciously hid behind stories and characters in songs. This whole album is just me, naked, broken, and raw. It's been a life-altering journey and life feels like it will always be messier, but richer.

Did you collaborate with any session players or producers for "Match Me?" How did they help bring your ideas and visions to life?

I co-produced the album with Evan Bradford and all the musicians are in my band. They all equally brought this vision to light. For me, the synth, drums, and lead guitar really brought this song to its full vision.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

Everything on this album was a part of a deep spiritual journey, a soul descent, and I wanted the music to be a tether to anyone on a similar journey to lead them there and back out again, to discover their soul's longing, purpose, and medicine and gifts to the world, that no one can give quite the same as each unique person.

Photo by: Heather Evans Smith


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