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Casper Sun Brings Us Into "Wavy Luv" With a Reflective Single

From Arcadia, California, the singer-songwriter and alternative/hip-hop artist Casper Sun releases an ode to introspection with his latest single, "Wavy Luv."

Constantly attempting to make sense of the world through his newfound music, Casper Sun explores the vast universe and the suburban streets of California through each release. Now gearing up to release his forthcoming debut album, 'Sunshine Radio,' on July 30th, listeners can get a glimpse of the project through its lead single, "Wavy Luv."

The single, "Wavy Luv," explores a deep state of introspection where Casper Sun expands on the feeling of getting what you need vs. what you want. When asked about the track, Casper Sun mentioned this, "Sometimes when you don't get what you want, you find what you need. 'Wavy Luv' is about being patient and taking your time to eventually find that clarity. The journey might be rough, and I won't lie, it's been rough, but I swear there's a light at the end of the tunnel."

Jumping into the single, "Wavy Luv," Casper Sun opens the song with his bright vocals and equally bright electric guitar melodies that drench our speakers in the warmth and tenderness of alternative. As Casper Sun continues serenading us with his beaming vocals, he touches on an incredibly emotional theme of his racing mind that leads him to wonder if what he has is what he wants.

As the song continues, the instrumentals offer vast sensibilities to down-tempo hip-hop through their wavy synths and textured drum breaks. We can't get enough of Casper Sun's lush performance as he sweeps any listener off of their feet and into the song's incredibly meaningful concept.

Get your dose of introspection with help from Casper Sun's latest single, "Wavy Luv," available to get down with on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Casper Sun. We honestly can't get enough of the lush and chilling vibe of your latest single, "Wavy Luv." What inspired the creation of this single? Did you want the cheesy version?

I met a girl that made me believe I could fall in love again and it made me think, "where have you been my whole life". I don't know if soulmates are real or not, or if some connections just happen to be more genuine than others, but I made this single as a message to myself that love is patience and should never be rushed. Everyone will always find love whether that be with someone else, or within yourself. The other version is that I got tired of making sad songs so this was my first attempt at making a happy song about a more morose topic. A lot of the songs on this album have a lot of emotional underlying, but at the end of the day, I just want to make music for sad people to dance to.

Was it challenging to write about what you need vs. what you want within your single, "Wavy Luv?" Or did you go through your songwriting process with ease?

I'll tell you straight up, right now, I still don't know what I want. There are some times where I do, but most of the time, I sit in a perpetual state of staring at an empty planner and wracking my head to focus. So no, the songwriting process didn't come with ease because there were so many versions and different verses for this song that I wanted to fit in. It would get to a point where my mix engineer would tell me to stop adding things cause everything was getting cluttered. I wanted to keep everything, but I'd be damned if I didn't listen to the people close to me who cared enough to offer advice. From there on, it was just about stripping away layers and cutting off extraneous soundscapes that took away from the message of this song. And coincidentally, I began to apply the same practice to life to eat more healthily and lessen my screen time. I guess that's a little poetic, how my own song inspired me to be more healthy. Or maybe I'm just a sponge - self-absorbent. Did you create the sonics and production for your single, "Wavy Luv?" What sort of vibe or atmosphere were you aiming for?

I actually did all the production on Wavy Luv! Thank you for asking. I'm not really known for producing but I've produced half my own catalog and half this upcoming album. But it's not a big deal. I'd rather strike it out on my own as a singer/songwriter than a producer because I never got into it as much as some of these other cats did, but shout out to the ones who have. Producers are the backbone of every musician, so I realized it would be key to speak their language and understand how exactly production worked. And somewhere down the line from when I first used Ableton in college to now, I realized I had enough musical background to write actual songs. Shoutout to my clarinet from middle school. I might've lost you in the abyss I call my garage, but you will never be forgotten. All the songs I've been producing for this album have this big spacey feel because this album is supposed to be Casper's journey to Earth, and the album starts off with his arrival. TRON and neon lights kept popping into my head and I really wanted to put all those ideas down. Some songs are as if Stranger Things met Frank Ocean, with Donald Glover popping in to say hi every once in a while. But as the narrative and album move forward, the sounds become more grounded and modern because this is supposed to be a journey, and with every journey comes change. How does "Wavy Luv" pave the way for your forthcoming debut album, 'Sunshine Radio?' Does the project offer a similar feel or theme as the single?

Wavy Luv is basically introducing the main storyline for Casper by loosely centering it around a broken romance. It's ambiguous why things fell apart, but I wanted to write a story of an outsider escaping his problems by running away to Earth. Casper is bringing all this baggage with him that I want to explore. Why did his relationship end? Was it his fault? How is he going to like it on Earth? Where did he come from originally? These are all questions I hope to answer as Casper evolves and grows as a person.


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