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Cassidy King Releases “Professional Smiler” an Empathetic Anthem for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Alone

“Professional Smiler” is an incredibly touching new release from singer/songwriter Cassidy King. After coming out as queer and detailing her struggle with mental health, Cassidy worked hard to create a single that would help represent those feelings for people going through similar situations. “Professional Smiler” has an insanely catchy melody to it, which helps ingrain the meaningful message to the listener even further. The chorus sings, “Feels like you’re imploding, it’s hard sometimes. But you gotta keep going, it’s hard sometimes” among other lyrics, the message within the hook hits with complete impact. Cassidy King is completely compassionate and empathetic with her important message. “Professional Smiler” is for anyone who needs to know they are not alone in the world. There are so many people going through similar struggles and it takes a strong person like Cassidy King to use her powerful reach to spread this incredible message. The music video JUST released and has already amassed almost 5k views and is still rapidly growing. It captures the sentiments within “Professional Smiler” perfectly and I highly recommend you check it out. With releases like this, Cassidy King is absolutely on her way to the top! Check out “Professional Smiler” here.

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