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Cassie Dasilva Reminds Us That True Love is More Than "Enough"

The Ontario-based pop artist and singer-songwriter Cassie Dasilva releases a tribute to true love with her latest iridescent album, "Enough."

Cassie Dasilva mentioned that the project consists of an all-female production team after a disappointing label deal left Dasilva hanging out to dry. You might have heard a previously released single, "Unsolicited Contact," on TikTok, as it's gained incredible traction and left fans wanting more of Cassie Dasilva.

Now releasing her EP including the passionate title track, "Enough," Cassie Dasilva mentioned that the song was written about finding contentment through her current boyfriend and realizing that the love they share is more than enough. With help from beaming and bright pop sonics, the song leaves us tapping our feet to each and every beat.

Diving into "Enough," the track opens with Cassie Dasilva's low and poised vocals alongside a tight drum arrangement, playful background vocals, and a soothing piano melody. As she leads us towards the hook, Cassie Dasilva later exclaims her passion and desire for someone she holds incredibly close to her beating heart.

We love the luminous pop undertones of this passionate release, as Cassie Dasilva and her accompanying sonics keep our heads bopping while also allowing us to take something meaningful and memorable away from her conceptual lyricism. As the song comes to an anthemic close, we're left feeling more than excited to delve into Dasilva's six-track EP, 'Enough.'

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cassie Dasilva. We adore the meaningful and passionate message you've delivered with the EP’s title track "Enough.” What inspired the creation of this romantic song?

I wrote this song about my long-term boyfriend, and it’s one of the only love songs I’ve ever written. I tell people that I know we’re really in love because we’re broke and in love. We’re both musicians, and we don’t have a lot of extra money to go out to fancy date nights, or on vacations together. I know that money isn’t everything, but life is certainly a bit easier with it, and sometimes relationships are, too. I think I’ve learned that the most special relationships are the ones where you really don’t need all that extra stuff to be happy-- you don’t need any distractions. I wanted to capture that in this song.

Did you work with any female producers, musicians, or engineers when creating the EP? What was the behind-the-scenes creative process like?

The EP is 100% female-produced by Hill Kourkoutis (‘Unsolicited Contact’, ‘I Don’t Trust Anyone Anymore’, ‘Darkside’), and Robyn Dell’Unto (‘We Might Break Up’, ‘I Don’t Hang Out with My Exes’, ‘Enough’) and was mastered by Emily Lazar. I also worked with only female & non-binary crew members for every single music video I’ve released so far this year. I loved working with talented and powerful women on this project, because it was really personal, and I wanted my female perspective on life and on the music industry to be mirrored in the people I was working closely with. There was distinct energy and feeling of pride throughout the process.

What should your audience take away from the EP? What sort of themes do you explore?

The EP is relationship-themed and covers everything from sassy breakup songs to songs about accepting endings/ letting go, and there’s even a love song. I love listening to music in the car, and I wanted these songs to be the soundtrack of somebody else’s car rides-- be it the angsty breakup song you scream in the car with your friends (‘I Don’t Trust Anyone Anymore’), the love song you bop along to with a special someone (‘Enough’), or the song you blare on a night drive down a dark road (‘Darkside’). I think there’s a little something for everyone, but it all feels very true to me as an artist and storyteller.

What's next for you?

Now that we can play shows again, I’d love to go on tour and play these songs live. I’m also working on some more songs for whatever’s next. But for now, I’m just excited to share this project that I’ve held so closely, and finally set it free.


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