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“Castle In The Sky” By Shadow Of Everest Is That Feel Good Mix Of Rock And Metal We Needed

Shadow of Everest was formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a fondness for writing bare-knuckle rock songs loaded with big riffs, addictive melodies and unexpected trasitions. The band features members JV with guitar and vocals, Shaun Cowell as bassist, Matt Burton on Drums and Guitarist Andrew Welsmen. Shadow of Everest is all about mean muggin’ to a really tight riff and has an appetite for no-holds-barred rock and roll. Strongly influenced by artists such as Tool, Black Sabbath, Mastodon and Pink Floyd, Shadow of Everest has heavy progressions and syncopated rhythms that are accompanied by dissonant tones and powerful, haunting vocals. Released in June 2017 and garnering listeners internationally was their debut album “IDLE HANDS”.

“Castle in the Sky” is giving new meaning to the rock and rock/metal genres with flare and heavy riffs that blow you away. Starting off strong with solid guitar lines that you can tell are heavily influenced by artists like Mastodon and possibly Lamb of God even. A vocal line that is powerful, emotion-filled, and rough around the edges with remnants of Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy Osborne that adds finesse and intensity to this meaningful and full of drive song. I personally love the break down section with a battle of guitars strewn with harmonies that tell a story of their own to complement the one told through the delivery of the lyrics. I’m also a big fan of heavy drum lines which is completely nailed in “Castle in the Sky” and easy to find yourself bopping along with. With lyrics that are extremely relatable to each listener, flowing musical melodies and vocals that are relaxing to listen to, “Castle in the Sky” is a rock metal song I didn’t know I was missing in my life – so add this to your playlist for some amazing listens.

Listen to "Castle In The Sky" here and get to know more about Shadow Of Everest below!

Hey Shadow of Everest! Pleasure to chat with you all! Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves?

[Andrew] We are a hard rock/progressive metal four-piece from Halifax, Nova Scotia (think Trailer Park Boys) and we love a greasy riff our fans can nod along to. We all spent our formative years in the late 90s and early 2000s and lean heavily towards the classic rock revival sensibilities of that time, and love dissonant chords pitted against massive melodies. We grew up with Tool, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Metallica, Rush and the like, and are currently influenced by Mastodon, Dream Theatre, Queens of The Stone Age and Ghost (amongst a million others). After forming in 2014, we wrote and recorded our first EP 'Idle Hands', and just released our second titled 'The Hunting Ground' earlier this year. We worship the riff, and nerd out on a regular basis to news about new releases of our biggest heroes. Our future plans are to be seen on as many local stages as possible, and pick up a few happy followers along the way.

What draws you as a group to the heavier side of rock and roll/metal music?

[Matt] I think it's the raw emotion and energy that comes out while playing hard rock music. I have always been drawn to the darkness in metal music and how it makes me feel while writing or performing. It's something I have always been able to relate to and metal has always been an outlet when times get tough.

What does the normal creative process look like for you as a group, and what inspired the name “Shadow of Everest”?

[Shaun] Normal is a non-existent term when describing ourselves![laughs] The creative process varies. Sometimes a member will have a whole song idea, or just a riff to start building the song. A lyric could initiate the process too. There is definitely no shortage of ideas in this band. As for the name of the band, that was JV that came up with it. The name Shadow of Everest makes me thing of huge sound and crushing riffs. A band's name almost always take time getting used to, but eventually it will represent the music.

What is the meaning behind “Castle in the Sky” and were there any challenges you faced as a group in creating a song for such a misunderstood genre?

[JV] We wrote "Castle in the Sky" as a challange to ourselves. We wanted to put together a song that had a very straightforward and relateable verse and chorus but also had some of that signature Shadow of Everest-ness to it. Andrew came to us with this giant, blasting verse riff and soaring chorus and I think the most challenging part is trying not to get too excited and playing it too fast. When I was putting together the lyrics I was mostly writing about how people identify themselves and how contradictory society can be when it comes to individualism. It's like "Always be yourself and be proud of who you are. Not too much though you don't want to make other people uncomfortable."

What can we expect from Shadow of Everest in 2019?

[JV] We have a few festivals in our area that we're excited to play over the next few months. Fans on the east coast of Canada can expect a tour as well. The booking phase is underway and we'll be making all of the announcements in the next two months. There has been talk of recording a music video which we have never done before. We're also working on some new music between our shows and we already have enough ideas to fill more than another album. If all goes well we may even be in the studio again this fall putting some tracks down.


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