Castle KYD Sits In The "Mess You Left Behind"

Hailing from Idaho, the blossoming recording artist and singer-songwriter Castle KYD reflects on past love and loss in a new, heartfelt single, "Mess You Left Behind."

Although Castle KYD doesn't come from a musical background, he always yearned to make an impact with his words. While writing in his apartment out of pure emotion, he kept it a secret, going to opening mics and leaving as quietly as he entered. When a friend found out what he was up to, Castle KYD realized the impression his music left on others and decided to bring it to the masses.

Now releasing his fourth and most visceral single to date, "Mess You Left Behind," we get to know a more personal side of Castle KYD as he puts on his approachable performance and sings from the heart and soul. Castle KYD has a certain loving and tender vibe, and we know our readers will deeply appreciate such lyrical and creative honesty.

Beautifully produced by Danny Blackburn, "Mess You Left Behind" softly opens with soothing acoustic guitar melodies alongside Castle KYD's warm and resonant stylings. As he begins to describe the trials and tribulations of a messy relationship, Castle KYD perfectly expresses such turmoil with his gentle, melodic vocals and gut-wrenching lyrics.

We hear heavy similarities to the tenderness and dreaminess of Cigarettes After Sex, but Castle KYD has his own unique way of grabbing our hearts with his organically rich vocals and genuine performance. This song is nothing but chilling; Castle KYD carries us to the outro like a sonic daydream, although his melancholy lyricism is pure emotional agony.

Feel the delicate and relatable words of Castle KYD in his latest lush and sincere single, "Mess You Left Behind," now available on all digital streaming platforms.