Casual Confrontation Reminds Us of Optimism With His Latest Hit, "Things Are Gonna Change!"

Giving listeners a bounty of hope for the future, the uplifting Alternative-Rock project Casual Confrontation releases his optimistic tune titled, "Things Are Gonna Change!"

Known as Frankie Diez in the real world, Casual Confrontation graduated from Belmont University and drove full-throttle towards his expanding music career. Always striving to make an impact on people through his music, Casual Confrontation offers listeners a sliver of hope when times get tough. 

Through his recent single "Things Are Gonna Change!" Casual Confrontation reveals his textured songwriting within this track while reminding listeners to keep faith during our universal trials and tribulations. Through uplifting Alternative instrumentals and a glimmer of Rock, the song screams authenticity while powering through with a sound message. 

"Things Are Gonna Change!" opens with Casual Confrontation's sole vocals singing of the future's expected to change, while the supporting instrumentals steadily come to light and perfectly support Casual Confrontation's positive lyricism.

Once the instrumentals begin to offer their whole and entire sound, the song drifts into this modern and irresistible tone through the sonics' natural warmth. 

With rhythmic drum patterns, uniquely filtered electric guitar melodies, melodic piano, and a gripping bassline, we're truly loving the song's overall warmth that gets us up and moving. The track offers listeners a sense of support, pushing them into the future with optimism instead of pessimism, especially regarding the lonely cycles we've seen this year. 

We highly appreciate such an upbeat and positive single like "Things Are Gonne Change!" Casual Confrontation reminds listeners that life isn't over merely due to our grueling year while pushing through with a sense of hope that's wildly infectious. 

We're very appreciative of the optimism and positivity you've delivered with your single, "Things Are Gonna Change!" Why did you feel the need to create a track that reminds listeners to keep the faith?

Why not! I’m not necessarily used to writing inspirational songs, but this year has been so tumultuous that it almost wrote itself and hopefully will be as impactful to other listeners as it was to me as I was writing. 

Why did you choose to release "Things Are Gonna Change!" when you did? Was the song created recently, or did you make the track when quarantine was at its peak?

When I look back at when I wrote it in early August, I was definitely at a peak of mental frustration/exhaustion due to everything going on around me that actually prompted me to get help. This was a decision I never thought I would make but, in doing so, I felt determined to make the change for myself, which is why I ultimately ended up writing this song. In terms of release, I’m proud to be doing so on the week of the election, because, while this song is not necessarily political, it was influenced by my surroundings, one in which everyone desires change, whether it’s within their government or within themselves. 

Speaking on the uplifting instrumentals within "Things Are Gonna Change!" how did you formulate your instrumentals to be as equally uplifting as your lyricism? What sort of atmosphere and feel were you going for with the song's sonics?

This song is sort of weird in the sense that it is not necessarily the ‘empowering fight song’ that would normally be expected, given the title. The instrumentals came to me one step at a time and I ended up with this hollowed-out, almost stripped version of a song with this powerful meaning behind it. I decided to then keep it this way because it was very telling of the headspace I was in when compared to everything around me — ultimately, this year was not at all what I or anyone probably expected, and with that, came an intense underwhelming feeling. I wanted this song to encapsulate that feeling of striving to find hope in a hollowed-out environment where hope seems scarce. 

Do you usually write such uplifting songs as you did with "Things Are Gonna Change!"? Is this a reoccurring trend with your music, or was this tune a little different from the rest of your discography?

Definitely not, though I feel that this song and coming album, along with this time in my life, has allowed me to face my fear of vulnerability and write about the things that also bring me bliss. I feel that this next album could almost be considered my “first” because even though I’ve released three others in the past, I feel like I’m more myself than ever.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

People. The way people are coping and finding new ways to cope has inspired me so much throughout this year. In general, people have always given me the drive to write and tell stories through music, since I have always been fascinated by human interaction. That’s the whole meaning behind “Casual Confrontation”: being able to not only take the bull by the horns in difficult situations but to just stroll into town on one, as if there wasn’t anything to fear in the first place. With this song and this album, I have been able to do that in this infamously historic year, and I am hopeful for a much better start in 2021.