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Cat Ridgeway’s “Sweet Like Candy” Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

The world around her is a riot of motion, velocity, color, and celebration. Yet, with the vast and genuine smile that has become her trademark, she stands still with her guitar, strums, and sings. That's what's to say about the disco-esque grooves of Cat Ridgeway.

The Florida singer-songwriter has us drenched in mesmerizing Pop sounds as her latest record could make anyone become a dancer. However, what strikes as the most memorable from the beginning of her latest sonic and visual presentation of the single, "Sweet Like Candy," has to be the reverberated essence of a whimsical soundscape that's slowed down to introduce us to the mesmerizing hues in dynamic sonic and visual pairing.

"Sweet Like Candy" is chalked full of upbeat tenors that leave us awestruck with just how playful yet professional Cat Ridgeway presents her artistry. Compelling vocal tones croon as her crystalline timbres have us leaning into the dynamism of musicality in a realm of Motown, cosmopolitan country, and contemporary pop.

The breathtaking visuals circle around the roller rink, skate park, and bright lights that accompany it. Holding it down with the skillful skaters making a vintage pop-up to zest up the cinematography, we get to take in all sorts of tricks as Cat Ridgeway performs lush guitar riffs. Each scene holds its weight as the use of slow motion, panning, and psychedelic effects are at an all-time high. As she brings us a slice of nostalgia, it's impossible not to match the cheeky smile of Cat Ridgeway as you watch every scene transition into the ultimate display of talented people enjoying their life.

Cat Ridgeway is a master at guiding listeners to a highlight reel of impactful hues. Inviting us into a world riddled with passion, boundless energy, and honeyed soul, she makes it so "Sweet Like Candy" becomes best friends with the replay button.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cat Ridgeway! We're obsessed with the music video for your upbeat single "Sweet Like Candy." Could you please take us into the meaning of the song and what inspired this creation? Aw, wow, thank y’all so much!!! Honestly, “Sweet Like Candy” is about resurrecting someone out of the friend-zone LOL. I wrote it after reconnecting with someone I knew from high school a few years after we’d graduated. That experience made me wonder what other things I might have missed the first time around in my life, and I wanted to capture the fun and wonder of rediscovering genuine connections like that.

The visuals are out of this world! Each scene brings something different to the table, and it's tough to take your eyes off the screen. Was the concept that we see your end goal? What influenced this vision?

From the inspiration of the lyrics to the old-school sounds, this song carries a lot of nostalgic energy for me (especially since the outro is a heavy nod to Chicago’s “Beginnings”). I wanted a fun visual that highlighted the retro vibe of the tune, and dancing on roller skates just felt right. I mean seriously, how many birthday parties did we all go to at the roller rink as kids? That time in life is so carefree, and I wanted to bring that simple, childlike giddiness back to the surface for anyone who watches the video.

Is there anyone that you would like to credit with helping you achieve this journey? How did they speak into the vision of "Sweet Like Candy?”

I’ll be sappy for a second here and credit my parents for everything. They always encouraged me (and my brother) to get loud and explore music in EVERY capacity. For instance, when I was in 8th grade, I showed my parents one of the very first songs I ever wrote (“Parachute”), and they brought me into a recording studio to track it because they wanted to foster my passion and allow me to see how records were made. My parents have been small business owners pretty much all of their lives, and as time has gone on and this has grown into a serious career for me, they’ve taught me how to be business savvy and handle industry matters professionally. They also come to EVERY show, drive the “tour bus” all over the country with me, and help me manage myself (being an indie musician is HARD LOL). So, yeah, they deserve all the credit in the world. As far as the vision of “Sweet Like Candy” goes, I think their music taste from when I was little leaked into my writing DNA. You can definitely hear the 50s/60s/70s influence on this one.

What has been the best piece of advice that you've taken into your career with you this far?

Two conversations come to mind immediately upon reading this question… The first was with legendary singer/songwriter Glenn Hansard, and he told me when I met him after one of his shows to “expect nothing, but be ready for everything.” That’s such a humble, yet determined way to move through this business (and life in general), and I’ve even legitimately considered getting that tattooed on me LOL. The other was a very recent conversation with Mac McAnally (who plays with Jimmy Buffett and has written songs for artists like Kenny Chesney) I had after opening a show for him. He told me about how when he was younger and starting to play bigger shows, a mentor of his said, “All the radio promoters and industry folks in the crowd tonight may or may not even have their jobs in a year. Play to the people who are here for the MUSIC – even if it’s just a handful of them. That is how you make lifelong listeners who will support you.” I mean, come on. That’s incredible advice, and it feels very, very pertinent to where I’m at in my career right now.

What's next for you?

Aside from a LOT of shows now that the live event floodgates have opened back up, my brother Mitch (who is also a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist) and I have been working on building a little studio in our house. I’m SUPER excited to finally work on a project in our own space. This will be our first venture into making a record left to our own devices, and I’m really curious and eager to see how that alters my processes. I already have a lot of ideas for the next album, and I foresee a bit of a sonic evolution… but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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