Catch 88YAMI and Youngboymars in a Hot New Single, "MY CITY"

From South Africa to Perth, the acclaimed hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter 88YAMI teams up with Yourboymars to pay tribute to the city that's carved their musical path with their latest single, "MY CITY."

One can easily get to know 88YAMI's hunger and passion for music simply by taking a stroll down memory lane with help from his many SoundCloud releases. Fast forward to today, 88YAMI is more than excited to continue finding new ways to border new school hip-hop and trap with his melodic approach to rap.

Now releasing his highly anticipated single, "MY CITY," 88YAMI previously teased the song during a live show, which instantly caught the attention of his engaged fanbase. Featuring the heavy-hitting artist Youngboymars and the talented production stylings of Roki Beats, this track is bound to blow anyone out of the water.

Hitting play on "MY CITY," the song opens with a tender guitar melody that later drops into a punchy 808 kick alongside a fluid vocal sample and 88YAMI's powerful vocal entrance. As he begins to expand on his upbringing, 88YAMI reminds us to use all of our resources to our advantage while steering away from negativity in order to reach those not-so-distant desires.

As Youngboymars joins the party on the second verse, he offers this sweet melodic approach that allows the listener to sit back and bask in the song's deeply alluring atmosphere and groovy undertone. As the song comes to an end, we're left in need of more melodic and conceptual hip-hop tracks like this.

Get your dose of inspiration with help from 88YAMI and Youngboymars in "MY CITY," now available on all digital streaming platforms.