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Catch a groove with Kerone’s vibe hit “Feel Like”

Kerone has won over the hearts of multiple musical lovers over the course of his career. Performing at a variety of multiple venues and making dozen of appearances in cities like Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, all while recording new singles, Kerone's music has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans.

It seems as if Kerone will be gaining more traction! The release of his latest single titled “Feel Like” this track had us feeling super good. The song had this nice groovy dancehall vibe to the beat. The vocals were warm and the articulation of every lyric was on point. Kerone has this star power about him that translates through his music. “Feel Like” was highly efficient and had this magical element to the lyricism that was also inspiring and motivating. You can relate these lyrics to your own personal life. Kerone vocal delivery is filled with detail and intricacy. The melody floats beautifully on top of the danceable beat that gives its listener room to escape. This atmospheric song places you in a different state of emotions. “Feel Like” was a melodic and catchy song that will leave its listener hypnotized! Kerone has already gained a significant amount of buzz, but with a record like this, his future is undeniably bright.

Listen to “Feel Like” here and get to know more about Kerone below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kerone! We’re so happy to have you here with us. Tell us a bit about your upbringing and background? What inspired you to pursue music?

Thank you for having me. I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where my parents met. From a Jamaican Father and Guyanese Mother heritage. Hebrew Rastafrain upbringing. a lot of reggae and music in the family background. My dad ran a Jamaican based sound system called Firestone and all the men in my family pretty much were apart of the Jamaican music scene here in Montreal during the early '90s. That being said I was exposed to a lot of culture and music at an early age in life. My mom always told me as soon as I knew what a microphone was it was in my hands. Music never left my side. At around 5 I told my dad I wanted to pursue music as a career, without hesitation he brought me around his studio friends and showed me the life. I was hooked, the scene and the creation of music. Always writing songs and lyrics. Excited me. Being able to connect with people is important to me. Relationships govern the world and influence is apart of that. I love how music has that effect on us. As a kid and now, I was influenced by Bob Marley and Micheal Jackson. I was amazed by their stardom and artistry. Having an ability for so many people to love and adore them was inspiring, but I paid attention to the influence they had on people with their message of love and peace. Around 14 I was introduced to an art school. Canterbury High, through a family friend in Ottawa, Ontario. Where I later attended. It was a big part of my discovery of sound, art, dance, composition, post-production and the entire music field. After graduation, I attended Collage for music and audio technician at Musitechnic in the Montreal area.

Knowing you’ve performed at multiple venues in your lifetime, which has been your favorite and most memorable and why?

The most memorable is the first Ottawa reggae festival in 2008. It's so distinct because it was my first time in front of so many people. I met so many artists like Snow, Collie Budz, and Maxi Preist. I had a genuine experience at a young age.

What inspired you to write your single “Feel Like”?

Well, when I was writing the song I wanted to let my self know not to get caught up in the false reality of my self and the world. I also was writing to my self as a reminder of what not to be. Reenforcing to myself, the life we live in is in our hands and we can do what we want. without hurt to anyone else or our self's. Life is very short and I learned this young. so I wanted to write a piece of music and song to my self and people that anything is possible, and never stop believing in oneself to achieve one's true purpose. Even with distraction and negativity in the world. I need to be positive and light to others. I do what I like and that feels good.

“Feel Like” seems to have a strong underlying message behind the lyrics. Mind detailing this to our readers?

Don't let other's tell you what to be and when you find who you are. Be that with power and action to inspire people in a healthy way. Always stand up for what you believe in and help people to understand. It's about clarity so things aren't left for misinterpretation.

When can our readers expect another hit like “Feel Like” from the only Kerone?

I have more projects coming in the near future. I really can't wait to share them.


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