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Catch a Vibe with Armani Colón

Armani Colón is a rising star and Los Angeles based hip-hop and R&B artist who has created a mainstream sound that’s authentic to him. With catchy pop melodies, and smooth R&B vocals. His technically proficient rap blended with these elements creates a listening experience that transcends genres and eras. His unique voice and approach to songwriting gave him the potential to be the next big name in the entertainment industry. Armani Colón has dropped an amazing tracklist of records that you can find on various platforms if you wanted to catch this vibe we are talking about. One release this year in specific, “Armani” is really bound to gain more and more traction to this unbelievable young talent. Armani also released a detailed music video to his single “Rowdy” which you can find on youtube. Armani Colón has the sensational sound with his smooth-sailing voice that will create chemistry between you and his music. Armani Colón is bound to make a great impression on his newly found listeners and we’re excited to see all that’s in store for him!

Listen to Armani Colón here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Armani Colón! Living in Los Angeles can be highly inspiring. In what ways are you influenced by your environment?

-I feel a common misconception most have about Los Angeles is that it’s a party city. From my experience most people are out here grinding, putting in work, with that element around it’s natural for things to get competitive. You have to work a little smarter than the next person, you have to simultaneously focus on your work but pay attention to the market and see what’s moving and what’s not. And of course, you have to remain authentic to yourself and your art above all else. Knowing that you’re around celebrities that are doing the same thing that you’re doing definitely inspires you, for me, I’m not competing with the other independent artists, I’m competing with the celebrities. 

Let’s talk about your music as well! Who are some of your main influences for your unique sound?

-My mom and pops had very eclectic tastes in music. Growing up you could hear anything from José Feliciano to Michel’le to The Notorious B.I.G. in one sitting. Because of this I always had an appreciation for a wide range of music. And because of that, I grab inspiration from all over the place. That bass line from a track from the ’70s, the vocal tone from an R&B song in the ’90s, some bars from a rap battle, I could mess around and hear the melody from a Disney song and get inspired. This unique pool of inspiration is what influences the unique sound in my music. 

Talk to us about your release “Armani”. What was the theme behind this? Were there any different arrangements you were seeking?

The album “Armani” is very much like the person, all over the place but somehow still very focused. While I was working on my second project “Y.T.I.P. (You Think I’m Playing)” I had already begun to purchase beats for future use from a wide range of producers and began to write demo tracks as soon as it was released. Musically, I’d like to do like Kanye West, where no two albums sound alike. I always push to make something that sounds different than what I’ve previously put out. 

How would you describe the songwriting approach behind “Armani”?

My engineer, Zach Summerill, encouraged me to use more melodies and grooves in my verses. To me, that meant to sing more. In contrast to my previous releases there is way more singing and melody on “Armani”, but I feel that’s also why it’s being so well received. I’m a sucker for a good melody myself and being a fan of music first I heard enough catchy melodies to understand how to create them. But I also consider myself a rapper first and foremost. I got my start recording freestyles over other artists’ music on my Mac book and I never want to lose that element of it. I’ll always keep a hot 16 in my music somewhere, I love rap too much. 

What are some of the main challenges you face in the creation process of your music?

MONEY!!! Haha, if you take your music seriously and want it to sound good you have to drop some money into it. A lot of people are always trying to cut corners or not pay the required amount to make something decent and it shows. I’m blessed to have met other like-minded folks that share my vision, are really masters of their craft and are able to work with my budget. I’ve always had an active imagination and I’m rarely short on creative ideas, but I don’t always have the resources, money or time to execute them. My biggest challenge right now is getting to a place where I can sustain myself entirely from my music. Once there I can really let some of my crazier ideas fly. 

What’s next for you Armani Colón?

The only certainty of life is it’s uncertainty, right? I can’t tell you when but I definitely want to shoot a music video for the whole album “Armani”, I know it’s a bit ambitious but if we don’t push ourselves to do bigger things, who will? I definitely intend to drop a mixtape as well, whether before or after the music video, who knows? And you can expect to see me performing more as I continue to promote “Armani”, be on the lookout. 


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