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Indigo Asaá Redefines Soul in "Why Wait (Remix Featuring Lil Mike)"

Emerging artist Indigo Asaá is a 26-year-old singer and rapper that has only one objective with her artistry: to display her point of view.

Originally from Laurel, Maryland, Indigo Asaá was exposed to musical influences such as 90s Neo-Soul singers like Erykah Badu, Zhané, Sade, Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill. She was also no stranger to Baltimore Club music and DC Gogo, which greatly shaped her writing style. When it comes to her rapping, her presence is compared to the likes of Noname, Rapsody, and Lupe Fiasco, as her sultry voice and melodic flow have listeners drawn to her immediately.

Dipping into the striking sounds of her most recent ballad, "Why Wait (Remix)," featuring the talents of Lil Mike, we're fully immersed in the sensational sounds of her melismatic vocal timbres. The soul that trickles from Indigo Asaá's capricious persona has us floating to an ethereal universe engrossed in her consummate allure.

Gliding in and out of each word she intimately exudes, Indigo Asaá tactfully pours her heart into the creativity emanated as she taps into a vulnerable sector of her being. The collaborative efforts that have us swaying from her robust tenors to the prevailing verse that Lil Mike raps is a match made in heaven for us.

The vigor and imaginative styles of the two artists vary in technique but match one another in the aptitude shed. "Why Wait (Remix)" has us navigating through the outstanding lanes of splendor that Indigo Asaá reiterates through her intoxicating rhythms.

Delivering compassion within a fervent offering of lyrical bliss, we find ourselves elevated to the glorious sounds that Indigo Asaá exudes so effortlessly. Surging the sound waves with buoyancy and the utmost grace, Indigo Asaá is on our list of skillful artists that unceasingly bring forth the secret sauce in whichever route they choose to explore.

We admire the vibes exuded in “Why Wait (Remix).” What does this mean to you as the creator behind the masterpiece?

Love and self are two of my favorite subjects to write about since both can relate to each other so well. When I wrote "Why Wait" firsthand, I was convincing a guy I was dating at the time to give love an opportunity since his past love experiences weren't so great. With relating to the same ordeals about being hurt in the past but hopeful of new introductions of love, the song was made. What made the remix better with Lil Mike was a male perspective about it as well. As I continue my musical journey, I realize that life stories and being vulnerable with yourself are great formulas for a great song.

What was the inspiration that allowed this song to stem from your mind?

I would say past relationships and how they ended. I'm thankful at times I had my heart broken as well as have great memories from the people I dated in the past because I'm able to speak about the duality of what love can do to a person: love can make you more appreciative of life, of people in your life and yourself. Love can also show you how much you're willing to go for a person, but love can be dangerous if you give your heart to the wrong person or you try to force it. I like my song "Why Wait" (Remix) because it is a love song about asking the listener "What's the hold up when you have a person that can potentially care for you right now?" while at the same time could be read as me being pushy about choosing me as the person to love. The song is lighthearted, but it can be interpreted in many ways, which makes writing fun.

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when fashioning this track?

On my iPhone, I have the Notes app which is filled with one-liners, short poems, etc. that I like to write at the moment. So for example, if I went on a date and it went well, I would write a short poem about it. When it's time to write a song, I go back to those different notes and try and put them together into a new song. Sometimes those short poems serve as writing prompts for me, so I can continue where I left off. I can also be inspired by different instrumentals. If I hear one I love, I play it over and over again until the words form on paper. This song was a combo of both methods.

How have you noticed yourself growing as an artist from your first release to this particular song?

I'm more comfortable opening up. I like it. It's still scary sometimes because I always hope and pray that whoever listens to my music, gets me or is willing to get to know me. Music gives me a chance to have a voice that I didn't think I had. Being an artist made me more empathic as well. I like looking at others for inspiration and applying the lessons and wisdom in my songs. Most importantly, I gained more confidence in my sound.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Life in general and the success of what my music is doing keep me going. I would get emails from all over the world from people I never met saying they love it. It's humbling because I'm still very critical of myself, it can be an ongoing struggle. Receiving a positive message from a listener saying "Oh I love your song" or "I stumbled across your song from Apple Music and I downloaded it immediately" is the push for me to tell myself, "You got this!" and so I keep going. Life goes in many different directions and I know that my music will reflect that because my own life has its own ups and downs. So from that, I get joy to share with anyone that's willing to listen where I am at in life, and we can deal with those life changes together.



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