Catch a Vibe With Marcus Alland's EP “Calm Before The Storm”

Marcus Alland is showing us that he’s coming for everything he deserves with his EP titled “Calm Before The Storm”. The opening song on this EP titled “C.B.T.S” was a nice introduction to the album. He basically gives us a smooth invitation into the EP to enjoy the project to the fullest. He welcomes his listener in with soft melodic jazz instrumental and a laid-back bass for us to instantly catch a vibe with the album. “Smooth Like Velvet” transitions in right after and the vibes are now increasing. The atmosphere was chill, imaginative, and descriptive due to the detailed lyrics and wavy wordplay Marcus Alland delivers. Marcus Alland was able to convey a relaxing vibe through “Smooth Like Velvet” with a dope hook that was contagious and addictive. The metaphor in the hook was memorable enough for the song to keep you magnetically focused in on the EP so far.

The next song “No Time For The Fakes” was basically a song telling us that Marcus Alland isn’t dealing with any snakes or wishy-washy individuals! I mean it makes sense considering this promising talent is bound to blow up soon! “No Time For The Fakes” had the catchy aesthetic of a Drake song. Both have the ability to make mainstream hits that get stuck in our heads like super glue. “No Time For The Fakes” by Marcus Alland is that song we can hear being overplayed on the radio for everyone to enjoy! Marcus Alland switches the tone up with the next track “Cleopatra” which was an interlude, giving us something different. “Cleopatra” was my personal favorite on this EP. The cadence and lyrics in this record were just highly vibrant and extravagant for me. Marcus Alland also gave a smooth-sailing flow on a calm beat that I thoroughly enjoyed. Marcus Alland strips away the artist’s appeal and becomes vulnerable with his listener with the next single “Numb To The Bs”.

“Numb To The Bs” was super relatable. The punchlines and lyrical arrangements on this track had various lines that people have personally experienced before in their lives. The closing record on this EP was “For Me”. “For Me” gave us an insight on Marcus Alland's journey and his story as a rapper. He showcases the raw authentic personality and artistry that makes him who he is. This was a perfect closer to an EP in which we caught various of different vibes and was exposed to a number of different elements to his story that we can also relate to personally. This EP impressed us thoroughly and quickly transformed us into fans of Marcus Alland. His music represents the unique sound of a young artist who is both vulnerable yet quickly maturing. With a natural talent for music production and an inner drive for creativity, Marcus Alland is poised to be the next big sound to emerge from the hip-hop industry!

You can listen to “Calm Before The Storm” by Marcus Alland here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Marcus Alland! You have a dope sound! Who would you consider some of your early influences and why?

Who I would consider as my influences would be Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and J. Cole. The reason being is of how thorough and unapologetic they are through their music. They've always had such an impact on me over the years. Talk to us about your EP “Calm Before The Storm”. What motivated this project? What motivated this EP is to pretty much give the people a taste of what my upcoming album consists of. A preview so to speak. The vibes from the project are just the beginning of what's to come later on in the year.

How would you detail your songwriting approach to most of the songs on “The Calm Before the Storm”?

Well, honestly I usually go by the vibe of the music. Whatever feeling or vibe I'm getting from the content is usually how I deliver.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome when creating “Calm Before The Storm” and how did you overcome it?

There weren't any obstacles to overcome honestly. The process went fairly smooth during the creation of this EP. What’s next for you Marcus Alland?

What's next for me would be dropping my first album. So definitely be on the lookout for that later in the year.