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Catch A Vibe With New Track From Nick Pro & Habibi Hush - "Swirvin"

If you looking for new music that can match your taste for tight beats, catchy lyrics, and impeccable flows then you might want to check out these upcoming rap prodigies who impressed us with their new release “Swirvin”, Nick Pro and Habibi Hush are both from Rhode Island which is a small state but contain with big talent like these two!

“Swirvin” caught my eye with the first bar. Their metaphors were highly witty and I caught myself vibing out to each wordplay and line in the song. That was a strong indicator to me that “Swirvin” can play as a great tune for not only parties but any moment in life where you can just thoroughly enjoy music, let go of worries and let the song become a unit with you! What’s significantly awesome about “Swirvin” was the cockiness and confidence demonstrated by Nick Pro and Habibi. The attitude is perfect for hip-hop artists because the rap game is highly competitive and you have to toot your own horn in order to gain some sort of necessary respect from others! Nick Pro and Habibi are undeniably on the rise to success and we can’t see either of them failing if they continue to produce non-stop energetic music like “Swirvin”.

Listen to “Swirvin” here.

Connect with Nick Pro and Habibi Hush on social media:


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