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Catch A Vibe With Truth Gordon's Exclusive Hit Off His Tape

We know you guys remember the fire lyricist who gave off J. Cole and Kendrick vibes? Truth Gordon ringing a bell? If not let’s quickly remind you of this rising star. Truth Gordon has opened up for many major artists ranging from Big Krit to T-pain and is currently waiting to release his feature with MoonTaxi. His music has been described as a soulful blend that’s accompanied by live instruments to bring out a more authentic indie vibe to his sound.

Truth Gordon is back with another hit off his tape titled “Volume 2: High Tide”. The song that goes by the name of “F.A.C.T.S (Firestick And Chill Tonight)” featuring singer Bella Nicole. This record is an addicting vibe that we didn’t know we needed! The lyrics are highly repeatable and lushly attractive. “F.A.C.T.S” has this special fused together blend of R’n’B and Rap. It displays that poignant soul R’n’B is equipped with. Seductive acoustics and passionate vocals from Bella on the hook helps to lightly seduce its listeners while Truth continues to impress us with his storytelling abilities through his songwriting. It has a catchy appeal using a popular catchphrase we’re all familiar with. The use of “Netflix and Chill” yet adding his own twist with the use of Firestick, helped curate the trendy makeup to the song that could possibly skyrocket the record into mainstream. If you’re looking for a laid-back and chilled musical aura to relax too or even dedicate to your special significant other then “F.A.C.T.S.” by Truth Gordon is the perfect song for you!

Stream "F.A.C.T.S" by Truth Gordon here and get to know a little about him below.

Within “Volume 2: High Tide” what are some of your personal favorite songs?

Now that we’ve lived with the project for a while, FACTs is actually the favorite. It just gives off a nostalgic vibe which predates social media. It feels funny to say things of that nature now, kinda funny. 

Tell us about “F.A.C.T.S” and the meaning behind this record!

FACTs was created from a guitar riff! I actually produced the whole record but sit on it for 3 weeks to a month. The skeleton of it was just a vibe, ya know? The meaning is a vintage one. Just imagine, this day and time, watching all of the classic movies on Firestick, chilling, letting whatever happens happen accordingly. THAT! is a “F.A.C.T.” (See what I did there? Lol) 

Did you have anybody in mind while writing this? What inspired you to write “F.A.C.T.S” ?

Although there wasn’t anyone in mind, I wanted to place my “go-to” into today’s perspective. Sadly, everyone mentions the whole Netflix and chill agenda but that’s been going on for decades. I wanted to recapture that feeling…the feeling of not getting straight to the point or even knowing what’s going to happen, only having expectations and doing everything within the moment to experience what’s expected. That’s why on the song, it’s coming from the woman’s point of view. Her saying that, “Hey, tonight…maybe we can just watch this fire stick and chill. Besides, you’re the only one I’m willing to chill with. A back rub would be nice, or rub your fingers through my hair a little…etc” THATS GOLDEN! 

What’s your personal favorite part about/in  “F.A.C.T.S” and why?

The favorite part of the song is the hook because Bella Nicole is a long time friend who I’ve known since I was a teen growing up in Mississippi. For YEARS, we had this little secret of her being able to sing, so I always teased her about being on one of my songs. I hit her up after I had made the sketch of it which was a verse, formulated a hook with her and made it happen. MUCH of her personality is in the song because she’s this SUPER chill person with a humongous since of humor. We kept the song honest and true to who we were. 

What’s next for you?

VOLUME 3: Skinny Dipping In Maine! This will release either mid-May or early June! We are very excited about it because it’s vintage to the Truth Gordon fan base and should generate a lot more buzz because we are bringing a LOT MORE of the same approach from “High Tide”. We have a goal with all of my projects to have the “no skip” factor. It’s nothing like fans and people telling me that they’ve played the project non-stop and are still finding new things about it. So, with that being said, it’s a MUST to make the same thing happen and we are confident in it happening. You guys might get an early release to grade and rate it if you’re down! Just let us know! 


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