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Catch Faae, "In Another Lifetime, Loser"

From Boston to Orlando, the pop artist and singer-songwriter with a knack for nostalgia, Faae, releases her reflective first studio single entitled "In Another Lifetime, Loser."

Venturing into her craft by writing and releasing poetry collections, Faae later sought something more profound and compelling. Now on track to release her debut EP later this year, Faae is currently working and expanding her craft with detailed lyricism and complexly painted metaphors.

Through her latest single, "In Another Lifetime, Loser," Faae wears her heart on her sparkly sleeve while slamming her warm acoustic guitar and serenading us with the utmost emotion and soul. While the song's instrumentation glides with the sounds of pop-country, Faae delivers her soothing vocals to bring us deeper into the emotional concept at hand.

Listening to "In Another Lifetime, Loser," the song opens with a quick sample of Faae stating, "I know, but I want something personal at the beginning," which perfectly meets the entrance of her tender acoustic guitar. Once Faae makes her soothing vocal appearance, she brings us into the song's delicate atmosphere with help from her heartbreaking emotion.

The highlight of this song has to be Faae's gut-wrenching lyricism, as she begins telling us stories of an ex's silver sedan and how she currently gets a bad taste in her mouth whenever a silver sedan rolls down the road. While the bright acoustic guitar continues serenading us towards the outro, Faae ends the song on an emotional note with lyrics like "It's a shame we never knew just what to do."

Immerse yourself into the emotional depths of Faae's latest single, "In Another Lifetime, Loser," and be on the lookout for her forthcoming debut EP later this year.

We adore the tenderness and emotion within your latest single, "In Another Lifetime, Loser." How did this song's creation come about? Did you begin by writing your poetic lyricism?

2020 was a tough year, full of a lot of heartbreak and change. I've been a writer for most of my life, and as a kid, I had a tendency to come up with little melodies in my head as I was writing, but I'd never tried working with music as an additional medium before. As I started learning guitar, the circumstances that had changed in my life became a major inspiration point, and once I started writing, I couldn't stop. It felt like there was finally a place to put all the emotion I'd had stored up into something that was outside of my own head.

Speaking on your poetic and detailed lyricism within "In Another Lifetime, Loser," did you find it challenging to reach back into those emotional memories when writing your lyricism? Or is this process somewhat familiar to you?

Yes and no. This song was particularly hard to write, just because it has to do with falling in love with someone, who feels like they're going to be your person forever, but, your lives just start moving at different speeds. "loser" is about the feeling that though things didn't work out here, maybe there's another world where trying again isn't so hard. Maybe it is this one. Who knows? Dipping back into the turmoils emotions that were involved in this situation did hurt because it does feel like a different life compared to the one that I live now. Though I'm familiar with writing about these kinds of themes, the musical element felt like an extra layer of interest. I wanted to have the storytelling resonate. The details and memories in the piece mean a lot to me, and I wanted it to mean a lot to others too and write in a way that sticks with everyone that has gone through something like this.

How did you want your audience to feel and react to your single "In Another Lifetime, Loser?"

I hope (as sad as it is) people can relate to it. Heartbreak is an inevitable and tough part of the human experience, especially the concept of the right person, wrong time (or life.) I hope when people listen, they get that image of this world I'm painting, feel like they lived in it too, and the bittersweetness of wanting a different ending.

Should we anticipate "In Another Lifetime, Loser" to be on your forthcoming debut EP? What should we expect from the entire project itself?

"Loser" will appear on my full EP later this year! The whole EP centers around the notion of what it means to actually take care of yourself. Each song captures a different element of the complexities of self-respect, from letting go of the people restraining you from it to accepting your own flaws as what they are: facets of you but not a reason to entirely think of yourself as the villain. I think it's a really important concept, and it's one that I am working really hard on learning to express, and actualize.

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