Catch Jae Cabrera's Alluring Single, "59Fifty"

The seasoned industry vet, singer-songwriter, and r&b/pop artist Jae Cabrera guide listeners through a sweet and savory journey with his groovy single, "59Fifty."

Jae Cabrera's music career is nothing short of greatness, as his extensive industry knowledge and experience merged with today's trends make for a unique and memorable experience. Constantly creating soulful and energetic music to sweep listeners off their feet and into sonic transcendence, Jae Cabrera is excited to continue his artistic journey and turn heads with each endeavor.

Now releasing his recent sultry and passionate single, "59Fifty," Jae Cabrera and his breathy falsetto send boundless chills up our spines while moving and grooving to the dynamic r&b sonics/instrumentals. Throughout the piece, we can feel elements of r&b's past and present shine through the organic instrumentation merged with modern synthetic production.

Listening to "59Fifty," the song opens with a smooth and hazy synth arrangement alongside a broad array of drum breaks that set the organic and passionate tone while making way for Jae Cabrera's airy vocals to rain down from above. Listening to his magnetic falsetto, Jae Cabrera offers vast passion and heat through his tender delivery while touching on rather sensual lyricism to deepen the song's dense atmosphere.

We absolutely adore the desire and lust within Jae Cabrera's vocal delivery as he continues to sing an ode to someone near and dear to his heart, craving their every way. As a bright and whaling electric guitar pierces the song on the outro, the instrumentals come to a calming close while leaving Jae Cabrera in the spotlight to end the song with limitless intensity and hunger.

Lose yourself in the alluring sounds of Jae Cabrera's latest hit, "59Fifty," and acquaint yourself with the seasoned industry vet on all digital streaming platforms.

We're head over heels for your passionate and charming delivery within your recent hit, "59Fifty." What pushed and compelled you to create such a sultry and sensual single?

First off, thank you for the kind words. I'm glad the track elicits that feeling. The writing/recording for this single started late, around midnight or so. We had been working on a couple of tracks already that had the same kind of vibe/feel/theme, and 59Fifty was a continuation of those sessions.

What were your songwriting and collaborative process like with Angelo Velasquez for "59Fifty?" Do the two of you work together often?

I've been honored and humbled to know Angelo, or "Doc" as we like to refer to him, since 2000. He has been my main collaborator/mentor since and is the type of creative genius that can take a simple conversation we are having or take an idea that I'm thinking of and help me flesh out and craft the song. With 59Fifty, the session flowed pretty smoothly. Since I'm in Canada, and Doc is in NYC, it's definitely been a challenge to get together and collaborate in the studio since the pandemic hit. I'll text him ideas of stuff that I'm working on though. to get his input.

We love the dynamic and chilling instrumentals/sonics within "59Fifty." What did your creative process look like when formulating the instrumentals/sonics to be so passionate and seductive?

Thanks so much for that! I have to give a huge shout-out to the uber-talented Patrick Kelly, who did the track, and the awesome Jeff Jeudy on guitar. The writing/recording for this single took place over 2 sessions. The initial track itself was created before the first session. After hearing it, I called my friend Jeff to come in and lay down some guitar tracks over Pat's production. Once that was solidified, Doc and I went to work. We ended up writing and recording it in one session. I think we started almost around midnight and were done by around 4 am. The seductive feel of the track made creating the lyrics and melody just flow. Working with Doc and Pat always feels effortless, even when I know it isn't. I'm truly grateful to have them as my main collaborators.

Seeing as you're a seasoned industry vet, has your sound or brand undergone a few changes and shifts over time? Or have you managed to stay true to one specific sound and approach?

I've definitely undergone changes and shifts. It's inevitable as an artist. There is always a natural progression to your journey. Time and life experiences influence and shape the topics and themes you end up writing about in your songs. For me, I've been fortunate enough to try a few different sounds and approaches within the Pop/R&B realm to shape my current sound.

What's next for you?

Well, I released a song called "Turbulence" back in February, and most recently "59Fifty". I've got 4 more singles that I will be dropping this year, so stay tuned! Aside from that, I'm continuing to work on new ideas for future releases. I've also been busy with a weekly Instagram Livestream that I host called "Friday Night Hour w/Jae" at 11 pm EST/8pmPST. I started it back in May 2020 during the first lockdown as a way to stay creative during the pandemic. I also made a point to highlight 1 to 2 of my fellow indie artists as guests each week. It's a way for me to show my support to all the talented artists out there on the grind. Check it out if you have the chance!