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Catch Our Interview With Artist Raisinbran!

Hello Raisinbran! We're happy to have you here with us. You faced quite a significant amount of challenges throughout your life and career that you've shared with us, in what ways has this impacted your artistry for the better? what was the major lesson you've learned that has essentially benefitted your career?

Happy to be here! I think the challenges I have faced in regards to my addictions have helped me to get an understanding of the dark appeals of this world. I have learned the difference between temporary happiness and long lasting joy. The world has all of these promises that we act on in the moment without thinking about the future and without thinking about the consequences that come along with these so called bursts of happiness or highs. I used to chase all kinds of drugs hoping for a way out of the depression and suicidal thoughts I was facing, but it always ended with a longing for more and more. Today, living for the God who created me instead of the drugs that sedated me has helped me be happier than I ever have before.

Where do you draw most of your inspiration from? How do you get inspired?

That’s a hard one for me. There are so many artists and people out there that I get my inspiration from, but if I had to choose one person I would probably say Tyler the Creator. Not necessarily or solely because of his music, but because of how creative and unique he is. I think it’s so cool how he makes all of his beats and started his own clothing line. I get inspired by either going out into nature or reading my bible and meditating on what I read. I also get a lot of inspiration from my dreams and just random thoughts that come into my head.

Listening to "Dusty" we realized this single had a strong lyrical standpoint.  What was the main message and theme behind this song? 

I got the inspiration from this song from the verse “then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.” (Genesis 2:7). I thought it was very interesting how as humans we think we are so important but we are literally formed from dust by God. In the song I talk about how we came from the dust and how when we die our bodies return to the dust. It’s basically saying how we are all equal and we need to come together instead of holding others higher than one another. After all, we are all dust right.

How would you describe your songwriting approach to "Dusty"?

I would describe my songwriting as fun and flowy. I love to experiement with word play and try to be clever with my words while also being lighthearted, positive, and truthful. A lot of rappers today like to write about how many girls they have sex with and how many drugs they do while using similar flows to eachother but I’m just not about that. I love to experiement with my flows and create something unique and nutritious ;)

What's next for you Raisinbran?

Right now I am teaching myself how to make my own beats as I am working on my new project and I want to have absolute creative freedom for this one. I recently went on a trip out west and it gave me so much inspiration for new songs and ideas. It’s either going to be an EP or an album and every song is going to relate different aspects of nature to social issues going on inside every one of us. Super excited for the future!


Give a listen to Raisinbran's latest single here, and stay updated with Raisinbran via their Instagram!


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