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Catch Ruggo in a Meaningful and Soulful Single, "Never Know"

Coming in hot from Sylmar, California, the sweet-sounding hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter Ruggo releases a deeply reflective single entitled "Never Know."

The 19-year-old artist is quickly making significant moves in our evolving music industry, especially through his latest single, "Never Know." Ryan Sheerer (aka Ruggo) also released a heavily atmospheric and well-shot music video for "Never Know," which features Ruggo and his boys in Sylmar grooving their way around plazas, complexes, and neon-lit signs, making for a refreshing visual experience.

Expanding on the single itself, "Never Know" begins with hazy synth melodies that slowly fade into the sonic foreground. As a punchy and crisp trap drum arrangement pierces our speakers with immense lust, desire, and emotion, Ruggo quickly joins the party and instantly swoons us with his soothing vocals, rhythmic delivery, and meaningful bars.

What we love about this track is how Ruggo stays true to himself through his personal bars that touch on his family, his friends, and those who love and support him. We also admire Ruggo's beaming confidence in this single, as he reminds himself to keep an eye on his goals without letting anyone break him down on the way. We can feel a substantial tribute to the late great Mac Miller through this hit, as Ruggo touches on rather emotional themes while fueling the entire listening experience with nothing but soul and passion.

Find Ruggo's latest single, "Never Know," on all digital streaming platforms, and catch the song's music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Ruggo, we're honestly infatuated with the overall soul and meaning you've placed into your recent single "Never Know." What inspired you to write such personal and honest lyrical topics for this single?

I don't really think it was an inspiration, but more or less just getting stuff off my chest. Before I wrote the song I had the beat on loop, replaying over and over, all while I was just reflecting on what was happening in my life at the time. I guess I got really personal with it because it was easy too, I mean I was literally just spilling my guts out on what I was going through or experiencing at the time and everything seemed to find its own unique place on the track. Did you create the production yourself for "Never Know?" Or did you work alongside any fellow producers when navigating the song's sonic atmosphere?

It's actually neither of those, to be completely honest. I found this beat on youtube with like MAYBE a thousand views on it, (which is honestly pretty rare, they usually have tens to hundreds of thousands) and I just wrote to it. The producer's page seemed pretty empty and unresponsive, so I wasn't really able to reach out, but I couldn't just put this song out so I kinda just went from there. Did you have any artistic influences in mind when crafting the overall vibe and atmosphere of your latest single "Never Know?"

I really want to say yes because I feel like I do with every song I create, however, I just can't pinpoint any specific artistic influences when it comes to this song. And now when I really look back, I don't think the song had any artistic influence whatsoever, it was just a raw chunk of my mind that I cut out, packaged up, and distributed. I genuinely can't think of any influences, so no. Could you tell us a bit more about your artistic brand and what you aim to represent as a young Hip-Hop artist? What should we expect from each of your releases?

I'm glad you asked this because I actually have a full-on brand, called "Oneway." And the whole premise of it is to "keepitmovin." Basically what I aim to represent with this brand is that everyone has their own uniquely personal way to get to whatever it is they're trying to accomplish, their own "one way," as long as they keepitmovin in a positive direction doing what they believe in their heart and soul is the right thing to do for them. And I incorporate this message into my songs quite often, I can't say 100% of the time, but most times I do. I feel like everyone who uses their voice to say things have that voice to say things worthwhile, and that's also part of my whole message. Don't be afraid to tell it how it is, follow your own personal path of success, and do what you feel in your heart and soul is the right thing to do regardless of outside opinions (negative or otherwise). If you follow along in my musical journey, that's what you can expect in my releases. What's next for you?

Right now I'm working on getting a few more singles out, one more solo one, the one after that will be featuring another talented artist from California by the name of "Airplane James," and after that, I have a single I'm finishing up putting together with "My Guy Mars." You could expect all of these to be coming real soon. As far as shows go, it seems like the country is opening back up now, so we'll see if there's anything special planned for the future.

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