Catch Tha Vill "Slow Vibing" in a New and Refreshing Single

From Chicago to Los Angeles, the songwriter, versatile artist, and producer Tha Vill teams up with rapper Drew Seeley for their sweet-sounding single, "Slow Vibing."

The Emmy-nominated artist has made significant moves around the music industry. Signed to Run n Gun Music, Tha Vill began his artistic venture in the early 00s while also landing various film/TV sync placements. Now a highly sought-after act around Los Angeles, it's without a doubt that any listener will feel captivated by the dynamic sounds of Tha Vill.

Sending us into a hearty groove with his latest single, "Slow Vibing," listeners can perfectly introduce themselves to Tha Vill's soulful compositions while nodding their heads to Drew Seeley's alluring performance. We adore the song's overall vibe and atmosphere, as it leaves us tapping our feet to every beat.

Elaborating on the single, "Slow Vibing," the song soulfully opens with a thumping 808 alongside a transcendent and atmospheric synth that sets the song's 'slow vibe.' As Drew Seeley enters the track, his low-toned vocals and passionate performance truly make for a memorable listening experience, especially as he continues grooving to Tha Vill's thorough and dense production.

As Tha Vill's production continues to expand in sound and energy, he leaves us in awe of his organic instrumentals merged with modern synthetic production, as it leaves us nodding our heads and getting down to the song's sweet sonics. We can't help but feel a similar poise and lyrical charisma as DaBaby through Drew Seeley's confident performance, as it offers this irresistible and magnetic sensation, sure to swoon any listener.

Let go of your stressors and get down to Tha Vill's latest single, "Slow Vibing," now available on all digital streaming platforms.