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Catch the Modern Wave of Funk in Jay Korner's "Will You Save Me"

Jay Korner played the drums in several bands before breaking through the crowd as a solo artist. With his music being inspired by the funk scene of the early 70s, and the inspirational pull from artists such as Buddy Miles, Ohio Players, The Meters, Stevie Wonder, Sly & The Family Stone, James Brown, Commodores, and many more, this is a sound that Jay Korner emits so very well.

As we take a deep dive into his most recent single, “Will You Save Me,” we pick up on the substantial mastery that the likes of these musicians have on Jay Korner’s artistic endeavors.

Recording the upbeat essence of this soundscape in Gothenburg, Sweden, we hear Jay Korner putting his multifaceted skill set to the test, as he excels in his drum, percussion, and vocal performance. Immediately being pulled into this buoyant offering of musicality, we’re swept into the top-tier production quality that sits in a vibrant, and balanced mix.

Enlisting the production nature of co-producer Alexander Asp, heard on the guitars, bass, and keyboard, we’re witness to the thriving grooves that sprinkle a soul-infused twist on the remarkable funk-fueled origins of “Will You Save Me.” Tapping into a narrative that is reflective of finding the right person, who holds a special place in your heart, the intricately scripted lyrics flow with passion as Jay Korner’s smoldering croons reiterate the effect that this love has on him.

It’s easy to get lost in the spellbinding capacity of the zealous framework that holds up the song’s memorable structure. Taking us into an illuminating soundscape of heartfelt tenors that we can relate to first hand, Jay Korner outdoes himself on “Will You Save Me.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jay Korner, and congratulations on the release of “Will You Save me.” There’s such effervescent energy that stems from this single. We love it! Could you please take us into the inspirations behind this track?

Thanks so much, great to be here! Really stoked that you like the song. Well, musically I am very much influenced by the funk and soul from the ’70s. For this song in particular I’m inspired by songs like Mandrill “Git It All”, The Meters “It Ain’t No Use”, Aretha Franklyn “Rock Steady”, Buddy Miles “United Nations Stomp”, Etta James “Woman” and Neal Francis “She’s a Winner”. The lyrics are based on experiences from my own life. This a song about finding the “right one”, the special person to spend the rest of your life with.

What was it like joining forces with Alexander Asp in order to take your vision to the next level? How did this collaboration come to be?

Alex is a brilliant musician, artist, and producer educated at The Music Institute in L.A. I was recommended to work with him by an A&R at a local record label since I wanted to record organically. I play drums, percussion and do the vocals, and Alex helps me out with other instruments. It’s been a great creative partnership and I hope we can continue working together. The work process is quite simple: A few weeks before going into the studio I had the chords, the bass, the riff, the structure, the melody, and lyrics ready, plus ideas around the arrangement. I then sent Alex my recordings on the keyboard, my notes, and playlists with songs that capture the sound I was after. That way we were both on the same page when the recording started. But it was still a long way to go and it’s in the studio the magic happens! Alex's realization of my ideas is often spot on, and we agree more often than disagree on ideas relating to arrangements, sound, and mixing. We spent long, intense hours working on this track, but it was a very creative and rewarding experience.

How would you compare “Will You Save Me,” to the single ‘We’re Back Again?' Since they were both recordings in Gothenburg, Sweden at the same time, did the creative process for both fall into a similar realm?

“We’re Back Again” was actually recorded 9 months earlier than “Will You Save Me”, but the work process was basically identical. This last single was a bit more complicated than the first, mainly because we needed to put in some extra work to get the break right. I wanted it to be really soulful with a gospel feel and build it up towards the guitar solo. I also added the short line “You got superpowers” in the studio. Very glad we brought in a background singer! Alex did a brilliant job putting it all together.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

I am a passionate drummer and singer/songwriter who makes funky soul/rock with an old-school 70’s feel. I want people to get into the groove and hope to convey a message of hope, freedom, and self-empowerment.

Do you have any other releases planned for the summer season?

Sorry, no releases for this summer. Instead, I will be focusing on writing songs. I’m planning to record four new songs this autumn and then release an EP at the beginning of next year (both digitally and on vinyl). I will start raising finance for that production very soon. It will be the same team in the studio, i.e. me and Alex, but perhaps with some friends sitting on some of the songs. It will definitely be the same genre and sound, funk and soul rooted in the 70s, but with a bit more variation in tempo.


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