Catch the Vibe of Profits and TeeFLii's Music Video for, "Cold Summer"

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, singer-songwriter, rapper, and recording artist Profits and platinum-selling West Coast representative TeeFLii release their vibe-setting music video for "Cold Summer."

Profits is best known for his artistic versatility, as his sounds often range from relaxed and laidback tunes to hard-hitting party anthems and personal hip-hop ballads. The rising hip-hop star recently announced the release of his forthcoming project, 'The Vibetape,' with its lead single, "Cold Summer (feat. TeeFLii)."

Now releasing their music video for "Cold Summer," viewers can catch Profits and TeeFLii at a classic west coast pool party basking in the sunshine and grooving to their upbeat tune. As the video is filled with brilliant videography and dynamic visuals, both artists bring a deeply authentic and engaging performance that leaves us locked in from beginning to end.

Hitting play on the music video for "Cold Summer," the scene opens with Profits and TeeFLii dapsing each other up and strolling into the pool party. As the videographer captures scenes of drinks being poured and laughs being shared, the stylings of TeeFLii jump into the hook as he begins grooving to the song's warm and lively production.

As we move further through the video, Profits makes his way into his verse while basking in the glory of classic west coast pool parties with help from the beautiful dancers and extras that move their hips to the song's infectious beat. Just as the video comes to a close, a subtitle appears and announces Profits' forthcoming project, 'The Vibetape,' set to release in October 2021.

For now, relish the vibes of Profits and TeeFLii's latest music video for "Cold Summer," available to