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Catch the Vibe of Profits and TeeFLii's Music Video for, "Cold Summer"

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, singer-songwriter, rapper, and recording artist Profits and platinum-selling West Coast representative TeeFLii release their vibe-setting music video for "Cold Summer."

Profits is best known for his artistic versatility, as his sounds often range from relaxed and laidback tunes to hard-hitting party anthems and personal hip-hop ballads. The rising hip-hop star recently announced the release of his forthcoming project, 'The Vibetape,' with its lead single, "Cold Summer (feat. TeeFLii)."

Now releasing their music video for "Cold Summer," viewers can catch Profits and TeeFLii at a classic west coast pool party basking in the sunshine and grooving to their upbeat tune. As the video is filled with brilliant videography and dynamic visuals, both artists bring a deeply authentic and engaging performance that leaves us locked in from beginning to end.

Hitting play on the music video for "Cold Summer," the scene opens with Profits and TeeFLii dapsing each other up and strolling into the pool party. As the videographer captures scenes of drinks being poured and laughs being shared, the stylings of TeeFLii jump into the hook as he begins grooving to the song's warm and lively production.

As we move further through the video, Profits makes his way into his verse while basking in the glory of classic west coast pool parties with help from the beautiful dancers and extras that move their hips to the song's infectious beat. Just as the video comes to a close, a subtitle appears and announces Profits' forthcoming project, 'The Vibetape,' set to release in October 2021.

For now, relish the vibes of Profits and TeeFLii's latest music video for "Cold Summer," available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Profits. We adore the party-like vibe and uplifting feel of your music video for "Cold Summer." What inspired this west coast pool party music video?

Thank you, the inspiration behind the video is simple. I've been living in LA for about 6yrs now and let's just say the vibes have set in. I've been lucky enough to link with some very dope ppl and experience some epic west coast party atmospheres. So I just tried to adapt as much as possible from those experiences and make it a vibe. Big S\o my homie @_Dspank for the casting of the turnt up ladies.

What was it like working with the team on set for your music video, "Cold Summer"? Who directed the music video?

It's always a party with the Gang! It was not work at all. We are pretty good at strategizing prior and coming in with a tight plan that would allow us to take some pressure off of ourselves and have a great time executing prior laid out bullet points and objectives. Directed mainly by CEO of Open Hand Entertainment Jaleel Harley co-directed by myself and Kerrigan Productions.

What was your collaborative experience like with TeeFLii for the song and music video "Cold Summer?" How did you work off each other to navigate the feel and atmosphere you wanted to capture?

Well first and foremost I'm a big fan of Teeflii so working with someone with such accolades and stature was amazing, he was eager to teach and share the knowledge I was eager to learn. I was definitely eyes wide on set to try and learn as much as I could. It was an honor to see a great at work and elevate myself in working together on this collaboration. It was a total group effort with great pointers from Teeflii and it really came through in the visual, the atmosphere was great high professional energy. I'll take what I learned with me and forever use it.

Should we expect to hear "Cold Summer" on your forthcoming project, 'The Vibetape?' How does the single prepare us for what's to come?

Oh, you can definitely expect to hear this on The Vibetape, This is the first single I'm beyond proud of the start surrounding this project. I've always set the bar high for myself and will continue to do so putting myself next to more and more great talent and also showing the world the Profits is Musical and versatile in it. "Cold Summer" is setting you guys up for an amazingly orchestrated rollercoaster of music. The Records we have put together for this project will be with people for some time. Making music is such a feeling so I just want to illustrate that through records as much as I can to give listeners a vivid look inside my Vibe.

What's next for you?

Next for Profits is Working with the Open Hand Entertainment\Trinyti Fam Teams to make sure the project is heard by the masses. Also working with more hungry talented artists and More Mainstream artists, getting placements in Tv and movies musically and also setting up shows nationally and in LA. I want to carve out a space for me in this music universe that's timeless and well respected. Appreciate You BuzzMusic!

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