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Catch the Vibe with Hailey Livingston's Music Video, "EARTHQUAKES, HEADACHES & HEARTACHES"

Los Angeles-based R&B/Pop artist Hailey Livingston release a deftly-edited music video for her atmospheric single, "EARTHQUAKES, HEADACHES & HEARTACHES."

A poet turned singer-songwriter; Hailey Livingston released her debut r&b/pop album entitled 'CLAP BACK' in 2019. More recently, throughout 2020, Hailey Livingston dropped twenty singles under her label Prismatic Entertainment.

Now releasing her self-filmed/edited music video for her wavy single, "EARTHQUAKES, HEADACHES & HEARTACHES," viewers can catch Hailey Livingston living her best life amongst the crisp winter air. With seamless editing and psychedelic effects, the entire video genuinely delivers an authentic and unique approach to videography.

Opening the music video for "EARTHQUAKES, HEADACHES & HEARTACHES" are silent shots of nature and serene winter snowfall. Once Hailey Livingston makes her appearance in front of a warm fireplace, she begins delivering her quick-witted and passionate vocals/bars alongside the tight and trippy editing. Moving into the cold outdoor scenes, Hailey Livingston savors nature's beauty while getting down with her groovy track.

Throughout the music video, Hailey Livingston is seen in various scenes, from neon realness to winter glamour; she serves us looks the entire way through. Although the video is self-shot, it truly takes the cake as one of the most intricate and well-crafted self-made music videos this year. Not to mention Hailey Livingston's performance; she serves a breath of fresh air with each witty remark.

Find Hailey Livingston's latest music video, "EARTHQUAKES, HEADACHES & HEARTACHES," on YouTube, and catch the single itself on all streaming platforms.

We're truly impressed with the intricate scenes and editing within your recent music video, "EARTHQUAKES, HEADACHES & HEARTACHES." When did you begin creating the music video, and how long did the entire process take?

I released my new single “EARTHQUAKES HEADACHES & HEARTACHES” a few months ago and knew from the beginning that I wanted to shoot a music video for it. Due to the pandemic, I have been staying socially distant and recording all my music by myself in my home studio. I didn’t want anything to limit my creativity so I decided to self-film and edit the project. I ordered all kinds of camera equipment on Amazon including a camera track, tripods, and selfie sticks. I also wanted to shoot in the snow so I waited for the first big storm of the season in Big Bear CA. I stayed in a cabin by myself for a week and began working on the video. At first, I was a little nervous thinking it might be super creepy staying alone in an isolated, mountain cabin for a week. I feared it might turn into The Shining (lol) but it ended up being a magical, healing, creative experience. All work and no play make Hailey a dull girl. Hahaha.

Were you inspired by any outside sources when creating the different scenes within your music video for "EARTHQUAKES, HEADACHES & HEARTACHES?"

When planning the vibe for any of my music videos, I like to have a few glasses of red wine, lay in bed with my eyes closed, and play my song loud AF in my house. I lay there listening to the song on repeat and visualize imagery, colors, and potential shots. I have done this for all 11 of the music videos I have put out on YouTube over the years. After zoning out and visualizing, I get drawing paper and storyboard to make notes for color palates, angles for shots, wardrobe, and makeup ideas. When writing the song I was actually inspired by a quote from Carrie Fisher, AKA Princess Leia in Star Wars. She said, “Take your broken heart and turn it into art.” I thought that was a really beautiful concept so I put my own spin on that idea when writing/recoding “EARTHQUAKES HEADACHES & HEARTACHES”.

What did you want your audience to feel after experiencing the well-edited and thorough music video for "EARTHQUAKES, HEADACHES & HEARTACHES?"

After watching my music video I’d like the audience to feel hopeful and enthusiastic about their own future even if they have experienced heartbreak or pain in their past. I know I’m not the only one who has experienced heartbreak and I know about the struggle to stay positive as you move forward on your journey. It’s easy to fall in love but much harder to fall out of it, which I have learned. Anyone who listens to my music knows I have a lot of songs about love. I hope the audience can relate in their own way. No one has the same experiences but the overall message is to channel your pain, trauma or heartbreak, and transform it into art or something positive in your life. It took me a while to realize that my heart being broken was actually a gift because that pain was the genesis that inspired me to create art about it. I have used music and art as therapy to express my experiences and I hope others do too.

Is this your first time around creating and editing a music video yourself? Should we expect more DIY videos like "EARTHQUAKES, HEADACHES & HEARTACHES" in the future?

This is not my first time creating, directing, and editing my own music videos. I actually have done that for all 11 of my music videos out on YouTube. In 2018, I produced, directed, and edited 6 music videos for my debut album “CLAP BACK”. I have always loved photography, filming, writing, and storytelling so it felt only natural to apply visuals to my music. For me, editing footage on iMovie is very fun and a different creative outlet to sink my teeth into. I am so moved by the works of the artists that I admire like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Drake, Tierra Whack, Quentin Tarantino, Julie Taymor, Wes Anderson, and many more! I strive to move my audience in the way those artists have moved me with their music, visuals, and films. The best part of self-filming is that no one else can see exactly what you visualize in your mind. It gives you complete creative control from start to finish which I love. I really enjoy collaborating with other artists but being an independent artist is so valuable to me. I started my own label Prismatic Entertainment and do my own distribution, marketing, visuals, and record my own songs. I created all the beats and wrote the lyrics for my first album but also had an amazing producer who taught me how to use Logic to produce my own music. “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life”. I am very grateful to have met some amazing people over the years who have taught and influenced me as an artist. Also, I always joke when people ask me what college did I go to I say YouTube University. I have learned a lot about cameras and recording music from how-to videos.

Thank you so much for joining us. What would you like your new listeners to know about you and your music?

I hope that listeners enjoy my new project and come away with a positive attitude towards their own hard experiences. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it begins with your own attitude towards life and your perspective on your experiences along the way. There are no mistakes, in my opinion, only lessons to grow from. I am very excited to now be fully vaccinated and ready to shoot more music videos for the 20 new singles I put out in 2020. 2021 here I come!



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