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"Catch The Vibe" With LUVA

New York’s LUVA has a sensual sound and alluring voice that’ll disarm you as she delivers wit and vibes you were unsure you were missing before. With charming metaphors combined with sass and soul, LUVA creates a vibe that makes her unique from other artists. Driven by her passion for music from a young age, LUVA has honed in on her craft to create a unique sound inspired by a fusion of hip-hop, neo-soul and jazz. With a sound that sounds like a product of her environment as she’s from Staten Island, New York. LUVA’s future is looking a lot more brighter. Her single “Catch The Vibe” was a lush record with organic energy. The beat has a enigmatic and perplexed atmosphere, making the song a little more mystic than it was. LUVA’s lyricism is my favorite part about the song though. The lyrics were so hard-hitting, metaphorically authentic and thought-provoking from start to finish. LUVA has a delicate rasp to her voice which makes it sound more sultry and sensual. It’s a chilling and appealing resonance you’re bound to become consumed by. “Catch The Vibe” is a song I can listen to on a day to day basis.

Listen to LUVA's new single "Catch The Vibe" and check out our exclusive interview with the rising star!

Hi LUVA, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Peace World, my name is LUVA. I’m an independent artist coming out of Shaolin aka Staten Island, New York. My style is a fusion of hip hop, jazz and neo-soul. My sound and my stories are my truth.

When did you get into pursuing music? How long have you’ve been pursuing it for?

I’ve always had a passion for music for as long as I can remember. I first began writing poetry around the age of 10 and shortly after that began developing my poems into song lyrics. I got into the booth at 15 and haven’t left it since.

If you could use 3 adjectives to describe your style and music what would you use and why!?

Sensual, for the energy that exudes from the tracks. Versatile, from the flows to the concepts to the range of emotions, there’s not just one sound to be heard from LUVA. Witty, for the way I craft and deliver my lyrics. 

Is Luva your birth given name? Or stage name? If it’s your stage name, How did you come up with it?

LUVA is my stage name. I was always called Stef Luva growing up and since I do everything with love, the name just stuck. 

How was the creation process for “Catch A Vibe”?

I created “Catch A Vibe” at a time in my life where I was I was growing distant from people and things that didn’t elevate me and if they didn’t understand me then, this vibes for them. 

What is your goal for the new year?

I plan on getting these vibes out to the world, performing and showcasing my creations and continuously elevating.


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