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Catch Trill Jimi at the Oceanfront in a New Music Video, "EUPHORIA"

Releasing hit after hit, the Jacksonville-based 18-year-old hip-hop artist, songwriter, and rapper Trill Jimi return to soak in his career's success with a new music video entitled "EUPHORIA."

After the release of his surprise album, 'Avatar Ascension,' Trill Jimi accumulated over 30k streams within the project's first week. Constantly striving to make a difference in people's lives through his music, Trill Jimi later found himself with the desire to drop out of university and hit the road to chase his musical dreams.

Now releasing his recent music video for the smash hit, "EUPHORIA," Trill Jimi soaks in the sun by Florida's oceanfront while delivering an energetic and passionate performance. The single itself is genuinely irresistible, as Trill Jimi's charm and charisma make for an engaging and authentic adventure.

Starting our venture into Trill Jimi's music video for "EUPHORIA," the journey begins with shots of the serene ocean alongside samples of seagulls and wildlife abound. Directed by JXProductions, they've truly captured the essence of pristine cinematography, as Trill Jimi and his lush surroundings have us dreaming of a beachside cocktail.

With shots of Trill Jimi from afar or up close and personal, it's without a doubt that his career will soon take off, as his energy and positive attitude radiates while delivering his confident and self-assured bars. The song itself is indeed a bop and a half, as Trill Jimi leaves us wanting more positive, beaming, and empowering tracks like this.

Watch Trill Jimi's latest picturesque music video for "EUPHORIA" on YouTube, and keep an eye out for the young hip-hop artist as he continues to shred through our industry.

We adore the energy and life that's captured in your recent music video for "EUPHORIA." What inspired the creation of the single itself? What pushed you to create such an empowering track like this?

Whenever I make music, it’s just a representation of how I feel in the moment. My songs are kind of like pages in a diary. “EUPHORIA” wasn’t a planned song, nor a written song. I was just in the moment and created this song. When I am getting ready to work on music, I think about the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that I am experiencing at that exact moment. I then bring them to life through my songs.

What was it like working with JXProductions for your music video, "EUPHORIA?" Should we expect more visual collaborations from the two of you in the future?

Working with JxProductions is amazing! We have collaborated many times over the past two years on many of my released songs. We definitely will be working in the future to bring more visuals to my upcoming releases. What sort of vibe or atmosphere were you aiming to capture with your music video, "EUPHORIA?" What inspired the oceanfront scenes?

“EUPHORIA” is very different from the rest of my other releases. It has a much more chill, euphoric vibe (which is my I named it Euphoria). When I envisioned this song, I saw peaceful scenery so I decided to film it at the beach! We've noticed that your music and visuals always seem to represent tremendous positivity and confidence. What drew you into creating such uplifting music, rather than creating music that's more self-centered and vague?

Music is something very important to me. As a musician, I plan to make a change in the world through my music. Music is extremely powerful, especially in today’s times. A lot of music nowadays is not very positive. This is programming our society to live what they are listening to. This is why I focus on make uplifting music thematic people can relate to and feel. What's next for you?

Next, I’m planning to continue releasing new singles every single month with a music video. I’m also planning to drop a project sometime later in the year!

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