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Catch Tyler Boone and Finnegan Bell on Jam in the Van

The versatile recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Tyler Boone pairs up with singer-songwriter duo Finnegan Bell for their Jam in the Van feature, serenading listeners with a beautiful rendition of "Hallelujah."

Quickly gaining traction on radio across the U.S. has led the dynamic stylings of Tyler Boone to open for various Grammy Award-winning artists while also becoming an official Taylor Guitars endorsed artist. Tyler Boone can leave his audience with their heartstrings plucked or stomping their feet to every beat through his blend of Americana, blues, and alt-rock.

Recently featured on Jam in the Van, Tyler Boone teams up with singer-songwriter duo Finnegan Bell for their heartfelt jam session, melting our hearts with none other than the classic hit, "Hallelujah." Jam in the Van is a group of music lovers who travel by road to anywhere accessible with the sole purpose of finding talented artists to perform intimate musical experiences.

Taking a look at the video for Tyler Boone and Finnegan Bell's feature on Jam in the Van, the scene opens with Boone introducing himself and his featured artists while standing in a retro decorated van with nothing but their microphones and acoustic guitars. As the three artists begin strumming and picking away at their guitars, Tyler Boone makes his vocal appearance while taking the lead.

We're more than impressed with the vocal arrangements and harmonies they grace us with, as we're left with chills up and down the spine. We must also mention the talented stylings of duo Finnegan Bell, as their vocals perfectly contrast each other's while also fusing to produce a flawless listening experience.

Bask in the glory of Tyler Boone and Finnegan Bell's feature on Jam in the Van, now available to watch on YouTube.

We're incredibly impressed with the heavenly and serene listening experience you've delivered with Jam in the Van. This is your 3rd time recording this rendition of "Hallelujah" can you please explain this?

Thank you so much. Each time I get the chance to collaborate with both Shane & Warren of Finnegan Bell & we have an extra moment to record "Hallelujah." we do it. I always love the chance of recording this version we both together worked on. Our 1st time was back in December 2017 at the historic Old Brick Church of St. Thomas "Hallelujah" Live in 2017 with Tyler Boone & Finnegan Bell. The 2nd time is our studio version in 2018 - "Hallelujah" Tyler Boone & Finnegan Bell (studio version)

Both you and Jam in the Van collaborated this past year with your award-winning bourbon label "Boone's Bourbon" how did that become about?

Yes, we absolutely did. We partnered together this past March in Los Angeles all the way through June. Together we curated music acts for Jam in the Van sessions such as Finnegan Bell, Dylan Chambers, Molly Moore, Channel the Sun & many more...while also sponsoring their live music & comedy venue in West Los Angeles. Such comedians as Bill Burr, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Ross, Theo Von, Nikki Glaser, Skyler Stone, Jeremy Piven, Andrew Santino (Dave on FX) Erik Griffin (Workaholics) Vanessa Villasenor (Saturday Night Live), and many more...We ended this partnership with a SOLD OUT on June 5 that I headlined with Dylan Chambers & Baywud (flyer attached)

What was the recording process like with the members in Jam in the Van for your feature of "Hallelujah" & the full live session?

The Jam in the Van live sessions is a lot of fun. The whole crew is super cool and best of all the vibe to make something memorable and do a really good job at keeping it that way. I highly recommend working with them.

What's next for you?

I am so excited to get back to Summerfest this summer in Milwaukee (our 3rd time) on September 4. We'll be rocking it a few hours before Twenty One Pilots. I am also working on new next single we are wrapping up this week in Nashville with the incredible Donnie Ries (producer) and my good friend Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd is laying down some B3 Organ...can't wait.


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