Catch Up With Austyn King!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Austyn King! Knowing you found your passion for music production at an early age, do you recall any early specific inspirations or influences? 

My biggest inspiration for sure is Janet Jackson.The Velvet Rope Tour HBO special was a monumental moment for me growing up. I knew right as I saw her coming on stage at the top of the show singing the title track of that album, I felt special & I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life.

What's the biggest challenge you face when creating a new song? How would you maneuver through the obstacle? 

The biggest challenge I’ve found recently is just making sure I’m writing songs for myself to enjoy first and foremost. I maneuver around it by being patient with the process of the song I’m creating & allow the energy from it to help invoke the emotion needed for the song. I’m learning to be patient with my songwriting.

Tell us some background information on your project "ArtMusicLife Vol 3." How would you detail the songwriting approach behind this project? 

I wrote, produced, arranged & recorded every song on the EP. And it was mastered by Derek Taylor who is an amazing musician & engineer. My songwriting approach was very easy this time around because I knew the concepts for each song. I also wanted each song to be in your face sonically when you heard them. I believe I achieved that.

What was the main theme for "ArtMusicLife Vol 3."? In what ways does it differ from your early releases? 

Volume 1 was a declaration.

Volume 2 was all about affirmations.

Volume 3 is all about reclamation. I’m reclaiming a joy inside my music & finding my voice. I was losing that piece & Im glad I’m finding it again.

When will we see you performing in the LA Area Austyn King? 

I am making plans to tour the LA/California area this fall.  It’s all about timing, money & finding the right opportunities. 


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