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Catch Us Jumping All Day With “Wish Me Well” By King Soloman

Sean Levine, known as King Soloman, was born and raised on the Southside of Brooklyn, New York and found a deep connection for music at a young age. Sean and long-time friend and producer Tariq Allen began to create catchy beats in the spring of 2012 while recording at their school. Sean Levine grew to be King Soloman after months of dedication and after leaving the “Brooklyn Life” to move to Miami, the King was put on hiatus with unfinished music being left behind. Stumbling upon the local music scene in South Florida during the summer of 2015, King Soloman’s passion for music was put back into overdrive and after years of hard work and reconnecting with Tariq Allen, King Soloman was reborn. Introducing us to his creation of a boy who grew up in Brooklyn and showcasing a past of defying the odds and rising up against challenges is what he strives to show his listeners in his work.

“Wish Me Well” has a haunting and eerie keyboard riff to start it off, making it feel like you are being transported to a different scenery and then King Soloman jumps in with catchy and off the hook lyrics. With lyrics like “I don’t really care what they think about me” and “Chillin’ on that good life, always takin’ hits” he connects with his listeners on a real level talking about things that one might encounter on a daily basis and using his lyrics to lift others up and encourage them. “Wish Me Well” has smooth, driving beats that are easy to catch yourself bobbing your head to and has that classic Hip-Hop sound that makes this track unforgettable. King Soloman drops sick beats during the verses and brings it back down during the chorus almost like he is trying to deliver a message that he wants to be heard during these sections – but don’t get me wrong there is a powerful message behind each of his lyrics, and the dope beats compliment and emphasize this. “Wish Me Well” showcases King Soloman’s talents beautifully and you can easily listen to this on repeat as it is just a tough and smooth track.

Check out "Wish Me Well" here, and scroll below for King Solomon's exclusive interview.


Hey King Soloman! Pleasure catching up with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you found your passion for creating music?

I always had a niche for music. When I was younger I started playing the guitar and then later switched to the drums. I started taking private lessons and went to Edward R. Murrow high school for music. Every now and then professional musicians would come in to give a demonstration and I would be very inspired by their talent. It made me want to learn more about music and it drove me to practice more. I linked up with my friend Tariq Allen who also went to Murrow and we just started making music.

Have you found a difference in song-writing from living in Brooklyn to Living in Miami?

Definitely. The environment you chose to be in really has a big influence on the songwriting. Everyone is a product of their environment so it makes sense that you think differently in different environments. Each area comes with its own challenges that are unique to the location so once you begin to adapt, you start to learn the differences. I can tell that when I was in New York there was a lot of hate in my lyrics and my music. You could feel the aggression and the effects that the New York grind had on me. In Florida everyone is half baked most of the time, and too relaxed to care about anything. So naturally, it made me more laid back and chill, even though I already was before I moved down here. That’s why when people listen to my music, they like the vibe because it’s a combination of that hard NY style with the laid back Florida style.  

What inspires you to write deep and catchy beats, and what does the creative process look like when making new music?

Inspiration comes from anywhere. The people I meet on a daily basis. The life experiences I go through. The places I travel. Every time I write lyrics, the first thing I do is reflect on my most recent experiences and write down the lessons learned. Then I try to connect them to past experiences and try to see how life comes full circle. The more I do this, the easier it becomes to write lyrics. For the creative process I always meet up with my friends ,Tariq & Paulie, who are also my Producer/Manager & Photographer. Since we live far apart, we usually plan a long weekend to meet up and get work done. Everyone comes prepared and when we meet up we get to work. Making beats, recording, mixing, mastering, and we just repeat the process. 

What are some of the challenges you want to portray to your listeners, and what are some you have over-come from living the “Brooklyn Life” to living in Miami?

I want to show my fans and listeners that they need to be their own number 1 supporter because no one else will do it for you. I want my listeners to understand that self motivation is the key to making success happen. Leaving Brooklyn made me realize that you need to adapt and keep a positive energy otherwise you will become stressed out and do nothing with your life. I want everyone who listens to understand that hard work pays off. Know that you can’t build Rome in one day, but each day you get closer and closer to success. “Brighter Side” teaches you how to be positive even during low moments. “Wish Me Well” teaches how to move on with life and continue to hustle and make money. All of my songs have a message and a lesson. I want my listeners to grow from my music. 

What’s next for King Soloman in 2019?

A lot can be expected. New Music. New Videos. New Lyrics. Performances. Events. Im really going to work hard with my team and get the music out across all platforms. I JUST RELEASED a new single called “I NEED THAT.” You can listen on SoundCloud just search king Soloman “I NEED THAT”. Follow my Instagram & Twitter @Kingsoloman_ for more updates. We have a lot coming out this summer. 


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