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Catching Up With Amanda Sikoral!

Hey Amanda, welcome to BuzzMusic! It's such a pleasure to be chatting with you. How did you originally get started making music? How did you gain the confidence to begin recording and releasing your music?

Thank you so much for featuring me! I started making music when I was about 10 years old. I remember in 5th grade I realized that I maybe had a natural talent for singing by taking chorus classes. I started writing songs at the age of 13 and haven't looked back. It's a cathartic process for me and always has been. The very first song I ever wrote is actually going to be on my upcoming EP which I am incredibly excited about. It has taken me a long time to gain the confidence to record my stuff. Sometimes I actually get mad at myself for not doing it sooner, but they say that everything happens for a reason right? I wrote the song "Tonight" last year and just one day decided that it was time to record. I went to a recording studio near my house, laid down the track, and the rest is history.

"Other One" blends a beautiful melody with meaningful lyricism. What can you tell us about what this particular release means to you?

"Other One" was a really special release for me. I wrote that song when I was a sophomore in high school and when I originally wrote it I thought to myself "wow, this is kind of a good jam!" Years later, (last year), I decided to finally write the chords to it and as I was playing it on my guitar I had an incredible moment. I suddenly became emotional because I felt like this is what I'm supposed to be doing; this is where I'm going to shine. 

We're so excited about your upcoming EP "SINCE '09"!! How many new tracks can we look forward to? What the main theme this new project holds?

I'm so excited about "SINCE '09"!! It's going to be a 4 song EP composed of four songs that I've written since 2009. I'd say the main theme is "moving forward". There's songs about past relationships, but there's also songs about my new relationship which brings me so much creative inspiration.

Will your upcoming music video be for your single "Other One"? Or will it be a newer song from the EP?

My upcoming music video is actually going to be for a song off the EP titled "Me & You". My brother, Andrew, (a film-maker) is actually directing it! We keep it in the family over at my house!

What's the most integral element to your music that you find is always integrated into every track you create?

I'd say the most integral element of my music is the realness & relatability. Every track I've ever written and produced has been drawn from a personal experience of mine. I'm real, I'm down to earth, I tell it like it is. I think people can appreciate that when they're listening to music because that's how they can truly connect. If you can connect to the lyrics of one of my songs then I've done something right.

It was a pleasure to have you here on BuzzMusic! What do you think is next for you as an artist? Where do you hope to progress within the next couple of years?!

Thank you so much for having me! I'm so grateful to be a part of the BuzzMusic creation. What's next for me? Well, I'm in the process of writing more songs. I'm probably going to release a couple singles after the EP release so stay tuned for those. Within the next couple of years I hope to progress where thousands of people are hearing my music and are excited to see me on tour. I'm going to keep working. This is the dream, and although it took me a while to finally realize that this is what I'm meant for, I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Check out "Other One" here and keep up with Amanda Sikoral through Instagram and Facebook!

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