Catching Up With Bree Whitworth On Her Latest Single "Don't Let Me Go"!

Welcome back Bree! Your new release “Don’t Let Me Go” is beautiful! What emotions did you have to channel when creating this single? 

Thank you so much for having me back and for your kind words about my new single! It was a very different writing experience as I wrote it from the other person’s perspective in regards to what happened during our tumultuous relationship. So I was really channeling two sets of feelings – my own actual hurt and anger at what transpired and his remorse/regret over his behavior and actions. By the end, it almost felt like I had written his apology for him (which I still haven’t gotten IRL…lol).

Can you dive into some details about some of your favorite lyrics within “Don’t Let Me Go”?

My favorite lyrics start off the second verse ‘No words to describe all we’ve lived’ because it is almost impossible to describe exactly what happened during that relationship – I’m sure no one would even believe half of it if I told them! But I also think because I experienced so much in such a short period of time, it just felt like a lifetime rolled into 2 short years. But then I also like the follow up verse ‘No need to deny we’ll get over it’ because eventually, life goes on - we move on, we find new love, new experiences and all those past emotions and memories just start to become a blur.

What can your fans expect from your much anticipated EP “Siren Songs”? When is the release date?

They can expect to be taken on a journey from heartbreak to healing. The first songs on the album start out with sadness, anger and despair but as you progress to the last couple of songs they are literally and lyrically about letting go and moving on. Plus listeners will get a special bonus remix of Don’t Let Me Go (by Shamus Musik) with the full album release on Friday, September 13th! Yup, Friday the 13th just felt right.

You’re quoted as saying, “Writing this album allowed me to realize that despite all the pain, I still had hope and I still believe in love.” Is the entire EP based on your real life experiences? 

Mostly, yes although my final single ‘Good Wife’ is about someone very dear to me, not my own personal experience. We were having an emotional conversation one day when she said out of the blue ‘I was a good wife’ and those four words sparked the start of that song. Whether it is about my life or those near to me, I’ve always written from the heart.

Is live performance an important part of your plans, and if so, what would a live show look like?

I am so excited to get back out performing again! I have an upcoming show in Vancouver on September 18th at the Railway Club with a great lineup of musicians. People can expect a truly intimate and genuine performance. I like to really connect with my audience and the best part is that they will get to hear songs not only from my current release but also from some of my previous music projects as well.


Listen to "Don't Let Me Go" here, and be sure to keep on track with Bree and her music through her social media below!