A Deep Dive Into Dallas-Based Artist Yung Dub D

Yung Dub D is an ambitious artist from Dallas, Texas who has had an incredibly full 2019. With a slew of singles kicking off the year including “Sexy Assassin”, “I Can Tell”, “Take My Advice”, and “Privacy ft Blastmen B”, Yung Dub D didn’t stop there. He soon after dropped a 6-track EP titled “The EP” and even more recently released his debut full-length album “Sail Out To Sea”. Featuring 9 songs, this brilliant new project truly embodies Yung Dub D’s energetic style of music and highlights his intense versatility and accessibility for the masses.

It’s truly admirable for an artist to be able to release contemporary, relevant music consistently all year long. Not only is Yung Dub D a talented rapper and lyricist, but he also assists in production on various artist’s tracks, most recently “Get On Ya” by Yung Nation. With almost 27k fans following him on Instagram and an ever-increasing fanbase on various musical platforms, Yung Dub D is the rising artist we’re watching going into 2020. His ambition, versatility, and overall dedication to his craft are exceptional and he is swiftly becoming a household name! Check out Yung Dub D’s new music here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Yung Dub D! It’s such a pleasure to be catching up with you! You’ve had an impressive year, to say the least. What accomplishment are you most proud of thus far?

The accomplishment I am most proud of I would say is being on Three dj various mixtapes back to back. With years of making music under your belt, we would have to imagine your sound has changed and evolved with time.

How would you say your music now compares to the music you curated when you first started out in the music industry?

The music now I can say I found my voice and being the person I am and not someone else and also rapping more about true events and people around me.

We absolutely love your latest release! What predominant message was integrated within "Sail Out To Sea"? What track are you the proudest of on this project?

On Sail out To Sea, the message was a double meaning: To get out of a place of nothing into the world to hear me and also my loved one is out on deployment and ready to get back to me so I would Sail out to hear.

You seem to be an artist that puts more thought into their lyrics than most. What can you tell us about the lyrical depth within “Belong to Me”?

The track Belong to me was any battles that come our way we going to overcome them because it’s worth fighting for and in the end, we both know where we belong.

How do you set yourself apart from other hip-hop artists today? What's the next move for you artistically?

I set myself apart from others by Learning from previous mistakes to help others not make the same. My next move would be Power and inspiration to the ones that want to make music and to help develop them.

Thank you so much for talking with us about your new projects and the creative process. Can you describe how your performances feel? Do you enjoy live shows, or do you prefer the actual songwriting process? Also, any live shows coming up in the near future?

My performances feel exciting and lots of energy and adrenaline rushes. I enjoy both which is live shows and the songwriting process but I prefer to perform where people heard my music. Far as any shows in the future, I would say who knows it’s the future!