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Catching Up With Entra

Has growing up in Central Florida impact your style of music in any way shape or form?

I believe I’ve been influenced by some of the music around here throughout my years here, but I’ve also been influenced by music from all different walks of life. I’ve traveled across the country from end to end and the music from there has also had influence on my style of creation. I take these influences and make something that I’ve never heard before.

How has your skills in Piano serve as beneficial for your producing in electronic music?

The piano planted the roots of music inside of me. Learning chords and melody allows me to add little touches in my music that I don’t think I could if I never learned about it. It also makes creating ideas way faster.

Tell us a little bit about your record "Breathe" and what inspired you to write this?

During this time I had a lot of people I truly care about start fading away. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and depressive thoughts. Felt like I was choking. This all came to a head when I had my partner leave me. All of these things at once cause me to breakdown and the static sections of the song show my breaking mental state during that time. It was so difficult to gather up the motivation to finish this project. I spent 7 months on it releasing nothing and trying to finish my album “smoking”. It took so long is because I felt paralyzed creatively. I had to deal with my mental health before I could truly finish it. After I dealt with my inner demons It all started to come together. Ideas came back to me and this project came into its own. After I finished my section of the song, it felt unfinished, so I contacted Elle (the feature on the song) and wrote a second section of the song with the tone being that it’s okay to feel this way and that you can’t really escape or run from this anxiety and sadness. It will always catch up. You have to confront it up front


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