Experimental Rock Band Japam Releases Their New EP “Sickboy”

Japam is an exciting rock band hailing from Adelaide, Australia. Comprised of five members, Seb Hudson, Ryan Lucivero, Ben Whitehorn, Jack Thomson, and Andreas Murphy, they combine influences from the technical grooves of progressive music and the melodic appeal of 90s pop and rock music. This group creates a soundscape that is energetic and infectious and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for all varieties of audience members. 

This year, Japam released their sophomore EP “Sickboy” which has garnered the band much attention and success. They have a solid fan base and earned their spot on multiple radio stations throughout Australia including Triple J’s ‘The Racket’, Rage, ESPN’s World of X Games and international radio. “Sickboy” was impressively the band second EP to be produced by Seb Hudson, but this time they sought out the expertise of US engineer Taylor Larson. This added an element of depth and clarity that had not been heard before in their past works. “Sickboy” is a great EP, one with an immersive sense of rising passion and energy, and the sort that offers up an immediately familiar intro once you’ve heard it even a single time. A progressive rock smash but also something to provoke a slightly deeper level of thought at the same time. Well worth a spin! Check out “Sickboy” here and read more with Japam below in our exclusive interview! 

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Japam! Congratulations on your new EP “Sickboy”! How long has this project been in the works? 

Thanks heaps guys! We're glad you dig it! It was actually quite a drawn-out process and from the initial stages of tracking to the release of the EP it was close to 2 and a half years. We weren't in any huge rush at the time and had quite a few personal things going on during that period. In retrospect though, we're really happy we took our time with it and think the end result was totally worth it.

We’re so happy to see 3 more brand new tracks included on this release, which song from your EP would you say BEST describes your musical approach? 

If by musical approach you mean writing approach, I'd have to say that all of the songs were approached in very much the same way. There's no doubt though that some songs were easier to write than others.

“How Did You Go Blind?” is one of our absolute favorites! Despite the upbeat energy, the lyrics seem to hold a deeper meaning. Can you tell our readers about the inspiration behind this track? 

Absolutely! From the get-go I wanted to be really honest and transparent with the lyrics to HDYGB. I actually wrote it for a family member who has struggled with mental illness for years, but also intended it to be a bit of an anthem for others out there in hard times.

“Sickboy Wants A Hotdog” really introduces your listeners to a versatile side of Japam that we’ve never seen before! Do you feel like it’s important to remain versatile in your music? What can you tell us about this song? 

I definitely feel like it's important to have versatility in the music you write, within reason. I think it's about striking a nice balance between making your songs stand out independently of each other, while still being recognized as belonging to the same band/artist.

The music video for “Sickboy Wants A Hotdog” is incredible! What do you hope your listeners take away from it? 

That clip was loads of fun to make and believe it or not, very adlib! I personally feel that the vibe of the clip is loose, colourful and a little manic, and the takeaway from this should be simple - Have fun and don't be afraid to express your inner goof ball.

Thank you so much for chatting with us once again! What's next for Japam? Is live performance a part of your plans?

We have a couple of local shows coming up in the next few weeks. One of our own and another supporting Superheist, which we're stoked about! Apart from that we'll be releasing a cover either late this year or early next, and looking to book some interstate shows, so hopefully that all goes well.