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Catching Up With Jade Stone And Their New Single "Crescent Moon"

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jade Stone! Tell us how the journey been so far for you guys as a band? What's been the most exciting moment in your career thus far and why?

The journey so far has been nothing but pure bliss and excitement! This was definitely an unexpected journey since half of the band is from another country. I never expected this band to be where it is today, from being just friends who hung out together, to recording an album together, and now touring and playing shows together. The most exciting part of our career would have to have been the recording process. I (Danny) went to live in Mexico for 5 weeks to record this new album, and that was an experience that I will forever remember. 

Let's talk about your music! Where do you find most of your inspiration for your songwriting? What inspired you to write "Crescent Moon"? 

I find the most inspiration in whatever I’m currently going through in life. If I’m in a rut and low place in life, my music will reflect that. The same goes if I’m in a good place. I try to find inspiration in everything though, and the crescent moon is an example of that. I’ve always found a crescent moon that is very unique and special, so I challenged myself to write a song about it. I think it’s currently one of my best songs to date.

What was the creative process like for "Crescent Moon"? Did you stumble upon any challenges?

As mentioned before, this song was a challenge as I was trying to write just about a crescent moon. A simple crescent moon, but so much to say. I started to think of all the characteristics and properties of a moon in general. The first verse says “you’re not full but you give so much, the amount of times is not enough, and even when so high above, the ocean tides move with your touch”. This means that even though it’s not full, a crescent moon will still provide us with light and keep us alive, also since it’s not always a crescent moon, the amount of times it comes around simply isn’t enough, and even though it’s so high up, the moon still manages to control the ocean tides all the way down here on earth. I don’t know, I thought this verse was really thought out.

What has been the best advice given to you overall and how has it helped impact your music?

I think the best advice given to me was to not try too hard when it comes to songwriting. Songwriting should come naturally, it shouldn’t be forced, and if I’m feeling stuck on a song, wait it out and let it come, it will eventually fall together and those are some of the best songs and feeling when it finally does.

Since 2019 is coming to a close, what are you looking forward to in 2020?

Our new debut album drops on December 13th! It will be available on all streaming platforms. We will end the year with a blast and start the new year off even better. We’ll be playing more shows and possibly a tour for the 2020 year. It’s looking really exciting! 

Listen to "Crescent Moon" here


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