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Catching Up With KAGE E On His Latest Release “Proper”

Hey KAGE-E! Tell us all about your track “Proper” Ft. POLLOMADEiT!? What inspired it?

I made the beat one night after getting back from the studio and knew I had to write to it. A couple of minutes after I had gotten the beat done and was about to write I got a bunch of calls from some random number and then I just thought of the first line. “I don’t pick the phone up ‘less the ID's reading dollars. Then I just built around that. I hit POLLO with the song and just like that it all came together.

What’s the concept behind the music video? What was the filming process like for you?

To be honest there weren’t too many processes. We went to Kensington Market and just started filming where we could find nice views and stuff. Me, Pollo, my friend Jotam and Marq/ the filmer just has fun and it came out how we wanted it too.

What future collaborations can we expect from you?

I have lots of collaborations in the works. I’ve been working with lots of talented artists such as Tino Tipsy, LAFREELOVE, K-OS and tons of others. I’ll leave them as a surprise. Those three that I’ve mentioned should be getting released before the others.

What do you think sets you apart from mainstream music today?

I think theirs lots of differences between me and most mainstream artists. First, I would say producing all my own music sets me apart. What I try to do in my music is to make people feel a different kinda way, Change their moods and the vibes you know. I also try to take the best parts of other artists and blend them into my style. The other thing is, I make sure none of my songs sound too similar. I don’t like it when I hear artists songs all with the same flow, melody and similar lyrics as each other. I guess the last thing would be that I make music fast so expect much more!

What do you hope to achieve through the remainder of 2019?

Me and LAFREELOVE’s are going to release our track “Bacc It Up” hopefully before it starts getting cold in Toronto. Then I’m hoping to get some more features out and release a two peace project with my songs Red Dot and More, featuring Bossmane a great artist from Louisiana. Everything is just kinda going as opportunities appear. Then really I’m just gonna keep on working!



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