Catching Up With Luis Campos

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Luis! Awesome to have your music featured on BuzzMusic again! Tell us about the recent projects you've been in the works with musically?

-Hi guys, thank you for having me featured on BuzzMusic one more time, I really appreciate it!! Going back to your first question, I’m involved in so many things right now I can’t even keep up, to be honest with you. With Delux we finished the new album called  “DESCONTROL”. We already released 3 songs from it “PURGATORIO”, “DDM (feat. Scott Russo from Unwritten Law)” and “DESCONTROL”. We released 3 official music videos for each song too. We also just came back from playing in Mexico City we had the honor to play the famous Pepsi Center WTC and share the stage with major band Allison and did some massive press promoting the new album over there! As for now I’m back in Los Ángeles writing the music for what will be my 2nd Jazz Fusion album that I’m planning on releasing next year along with a 3-week drum clinic tour that I have in mind, this clinic tour will happen whenever Delux allows me to do it through 2020!! Also finally my music studio is up and running and I’m trying to make time to write some music for tv, films and to produce some bands! I’m actually in shock to see how many bands and musicians have reached out wanting me to record them and work with me, this definitely happened after I posted a few pictures and samples of my studio playing drums and recording, I definitely see my self producing full time in a few years I think life is trying to show me a path that I never thought about following that I definitely love, we’ll see where that takes me but for now I’m focused in Delux, practicing and using my studio for all the things I build the studio for which is to film drum videos, write and record my own music and practice 24/7 if possible, once I get that out of the way I might start taking some bands and projects in!!

As an incredibly experienced musician, how do you find each project you've been apart of has ultimately shaped your sound and musical execution today? Is there one particular experience you've had within your musical journey thus far that has had a more defined impact on your career?

Thank you for the compliment referring to me as an incredibly experienced musician! I definitely have been doing this for 20 plus years so I guess that somehow has given me some type of experience in this career but to be honest I feel like I’m at -0 from where I want to be and that’s the reality, this craft never ends and sometimes I feel like my brain is going to explode with so much criticism I do to my self as an artist cause I really see my self really far from where I want to be as a drummer now, I’m talking about performance and skill level only I’m not talking about success as a musician. A lot of projects if not all have definitely shaped my approach to music and career no question about it, to mention a few very important to me I would say when I did a drum jam with one of my mentors, friend and drum idol Antonio Sanchez we did this drum jam thing at Drum Channel studios in Oxnard Ca and sitting there with one of the best jazz drummers in the world face to face was a very lively game-changing experience to me, it basically inspired me more than I’ve ever been inspired in my entire career, it shaped me so much as a drummer, it gave me hope, faith and so much strength to work harder and keep pushing fwd in my career, you might ask why did it impact your career? I mean being at Drumchannel studios, having DW Drums CEO Don Lombardi producing it and behind the cameras and having to do a drum jam duo plus an interview with a monster like Antonio Sanchez ain’t a joke and you can ask any other drummer in the world to confirm it!! Also playing in rock bands has changed my approach to drumming I even changed from traditional grip to match grip when I hold my drumsticks and the only reason is because when I play in rock bands I hit so hard that makes more sense to play match grip, another thing is that switch a lot between playing constantly jazz fusion music to punk rock music and somehow gives me either a more powerful punch approach when playing drums or the ability to be very tasteful and soft when need it in a band!! I think bands that I recorded drums for or worked with have mentioned it a lot so I think it’s somehow working cause people to keep calling and passing the voice through.

How would you say you personally navigate through the music world? What's your secret in becoming a well-rounded artist and musician?

Well I would say having a good attitude is definitely something that opened a lot of doors for me and to be honest it’s not really hard for me cause my personality is like that already I’m always trying to spread support, loyalty, love and respect around me, also creating my own opportunities has been crucial in my growing as an artist, I never sit down waiting for a miracle to happen, I’m the type of guy who makes things happen. Also being dedicated is a gift I feel God gave me and has helped me a lot in my career and personal life I’m like a beast, once I start something I finish it, sometimes I have to pull my self out of doing something cause I can focus for days until it gets done it’s a good thing but also a bad thing if you don’t make sure there’s a balance, you can find your self overworking in a non healthy way so I constantly have to make sure I’m not killing my body and brain and make sure I give rest when need it.

Do you feel that your music comments on any political or social issues? Could you ever see yourself as using your music as a platform to talk about such issues?

Not really, I do my best to stay away from talking or arguing about political and social issues! It’s not because I’m afraid of confrontation but mainly for keeping peace in my mind, politicians upset me a lot and regarding social issues I prefer to do my part instead of just talking. For instance I vote if I don’t like certain president or what’s happening in our country, I keep an eye on climate change and do my part when it comes to not using plastic things, non smoking, not throwing trash where is not suppose to, and basically I do my best to be a good human being and bring something to this world as little as my part might be and of course I might argue about certain things or situations when need it, sometimes people need to be put in their place, it’s just what it is and somehow I’m really good at doing it when need it too lol

Can you tell us more about your live performances? Do you prefer live performance over the actual songwriting/recording process?

I love both so much but I definitely prefer live performances over the process of writing and recording right now, the reason is because writing and recording takes so much time and requires a lot of work, concentration and it’s a whole process and right now time is not something that flies around me I’m really tight with my time and I do my best to use it as wisely as possible. So being ready to perform live takes a lot of time too but once you get it over in a couple of weeks and you’re ready all you have to do is go out there perform and have the time of your life, travel and connect with people. Playing live is one of the best things I have experienced in my life, look at me I’ve been doing it for 20 plus years now I’m very aware this is what I love doing in my life and I have never doubted that this is the path I want to keep following till I die!!

Amazing to see you and your music thriving Luis! It was a real treat being able to feature you on our platform again. Would you say that your new music in the works currently adheres to any world trends within music right now?

-Well one thing is for sure the music I’m writing right now for my jazz album is definitely not a trend and I don’t think it will ever be, I write music for my jazz band cause it gives me so much freedom as an artist plus it doesn’t have to be popular or certain way! it basically allows me to be me after all and that’s what I love about it, I can put drum solos here and there, weird bass lines, drum fills, different time signatures there’s basically no rules! Jazz is fire and as much as I love punk rock or alternative music I can’t live without  listening, writing and playing Jazz and vice versa.  Now it’s a different story with Delux new album, it’s a mix of everything, this is the best album I’ve ever been part of and I said this because this album really has a wide range in its entirety, some songs are like back in the 2000’s other songs might sound very current mainstream 2020 type, others very pop-like, some tracks are straight out old punk rock school and others can be very soft and ballad pop. We put so much work and time while writing and shaping this album, Leo (guitar/Vocals) and Mo (guitar/vocals) got together and put together all the structures, melodies and ideas then we all got together of course including Nacho (bass) and put together everything, I think it took us around 2 months inside our rehearsal cave to finish the whole thing, then we had producer Joe Marlett stop by the rehearsal space around 4 times and basically gave the final touch in what he wanted and what not!! Then we went to Signature studios in San Diego Ca, to track drums and guitars and the rest is history basically in hands of super talented producer Joe Marlett (Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Unwritten Law). Delux team right now is pure fire, I feel like we found a very strong balance and team in the band and the album reflects that in so many levels, professionally, musically, etc.. it’s a very honest album and I am extremely proud of it, Mo, Leo, Nacho, Joe and I worked extremely hard for it!! I wanna finish the interview saying to everyone reading this “don’t let anyone stop you from reaching your dreams”. Thank you guys for having me featured in BuzzMusic.