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Catching up with Pink City

Hi Pink City and welcome to BuzzMusic! For those of us not familiar with your work can you tell us how you two meet and began making music?

We met in grade 11 in drama class and have been inseparable ever since. It wasn’t until about 7 years later we began making music together. Lil Hunny randomly woke me up and was like “Hey, we should try rapping!” And I replied with “ Lol Okay sure let’s give it a go.” Then we ended up writing a couple of songs within a couple of hours and realized we were on to something.

What stereotypes and defying norms are you trying to express in your tracks?

Being a mixed-race LGBTQ+ male and her being a mixed-race female. These groups are very much underrepresented in the Hip-hop community. It would be amazing if we were the ones to give a voice to so many people who just love making music and let them know that it doesn’t matter who they love or what their gender is. If you got that fire you got that fire. Period

Do you see yourselves incorporating other genres into your future works? Why or why not?

We are mostly Hip-hop with R&b fusion, but I could see us collaborating with other genres if the opportunity arose. We’re all about challenging our self-growth and not staying in just one box.

Which artists have had the biggest impact on your work?

We have been listening to all types of genres growing up. JPetty more so old school Hip-hop, reggae, soca, dancehall, the 90s, and early 00s r&b Lil Hunny grew up around Pop, alternative rock, pop-punk, classic rock, Latin music, and Hip-hop, and r&b as well

Thanks for chatting with us at BuzzMusic! Excited to hear more from you, what does the future of Pink City look like? Any upcoming tours?

As far as the Future of Pink City we are currently working on our EP. Trying to make it as fun and versatile as possible. We don’t want our audience to get bored because they only heard one sound. We will definitely be switching it up on em. We just need to get on more people’s radars.


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