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Catching Up With Resilient Black Nöize Artist, Soleille

Silver-spring-hailing r&b, hip-hop, and Black Nöize recording artist Soleille doesn't take no for an answer, and she's about to take 2022 by storm with forthcoming killer releases.

Soleille jumpstarted 2022 with her hotwiring new single, "INTRO," that left us dead in our tracks. In an exclusive interview with the DMV-based rapper and songwriter, she explained how feeling down and out led her to the pen, expressing those pent-up emotions which resulted in the fiery anthem for success, "INTRO."

What's all the more impressive is Soleille's evolving artistry that she presents time and again within each release. At one point, the dominant recording artist thought rapping wasn't for her, so "INTRO," was like a genesis for her. "Whenever I listen to ["INTRO"], I hear the improvements in my flow, wordplay, and even voice," notes Soleille.

She wanted the track to capture "the passion, the Râgé, the confidence" that she's all about, and that's precisely what we have with "INTRO." Soleille's first solo EP since 2018 will also release this year, entitled '60 Seconds Or Less,' alongside a few singles and videos prior to the drop.

Until then, expect that Soleille will come out the gate guns blazing with each release in 2022. Read more about Soleille's latest release "INTRO" here.


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