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Catching Up With Tino Cruze

Hey Tino! Happy Belated Birthday! How’s 2019 been for you so far? What have you been working on?

2019 has been a crazy year. I am currently working on releasing a mixtape and hopefully a lot of other content but for now just taking it one song at a time

We’re loving your new track “Get A Bag”! What’s this release represent for you? 

It represents growth and the start of new more mature music. It’s been a while since I’ve released music just trying to show how much better I’ve gotten

Was there a specific reason you dropped it on your birthday?

Because the song is a fun record. I’ve been playing this song a lot over the past few months and i wanted to start with some brand new content

It wasn’t long since we’ve last featured your music! How do you stay on track to create relevant content so consistently?

I have honestly struggled with consistency simply because it can get pretty expensive but I’ve built up a pretty nice catalog so this year i will have more music to release for people

Where is the best setting to listen to “Get A Bag”, and what do you hope people take away from it?

The car so you can hear everything. I feel like it’s more of an experience in the car. I hope people just use it as motivation whether it’s at the gym or just riding to work or school everyday. Something that makes you want to do better in life

What are the main values you hope to represent as an artist?

I’m just trying to remain humble and keep putting out quality content. These days a lot of music just lacks content a lot of rap songs have the same message or the artist talk about the same things. I’m just trying to show that you can still make quality music

Listen to "Get A Bag" by Tino Cruze here!


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