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Catching Up With Vega HeartBreak & M.C On Their Latest Release 'Squad'

Welcome to BuzzMusic Vega HeartBreak and M.C! We're loving your unique sound and the energetic aura to your tracks. How long have you been collaborating? How did you get started working together?

For over 15 years now, I met Vega when he was 14 years old, his older brother, Bradd Young is a super producer as well, he's worked with the likes of BONE Thugs & Harmony, Tyra B, Maino, Yo Gotti, and several established acts... so with me being young and trying to find my footing in the local scene of St. Louis, Bradd kinda passed me off to his little brother haha who I knew was talented but he was still very inexperienced at the time... but he was hungry and his development never stopped, he's an extremely talented artist.

"SQUAD" is a great track! It's something different from mainstream hip-hop/R&B music today. How did the overall production for this track go? Did your original idea for the track come out the way you pictured it or did various elements change along the way?

Thank you. So we're currently working on an E.P entitled "Good Energy". So with that being said most of the records we have agreed upon have had that same positive feeling musically. The beat was submitted by BangEmOutBeatz a production company located in St. Louis, MO... he sent us 5 beats I believe and we gravitated towards 2 immediately... The squad was one of em. Vega lives in Los Angeles,  he called me somewhat excited and said I got something to give me a second to lay it down. So honestly I didn't have to do much with this one, I listened and was like "Yeah! that's it" he laid down the hook and we both got to writing our verses. He told me to add something to the hook but it was perfect. The song came out well, it felt like we had something different, Vega Harmonizes with his flow, we always joke around and say he is 70% singer and 30% rapper haha whereas me, M.C is 70% rapper 30% singer, so even though our styles are totally different there's still balance. Squad didn't go thru many vocal changes, we asked the producer (BangEmOutBeatz) to change out the bassline, that was about it. He knocked that and we were good!

We also checked out your other collaborative song, "Swoop It Up"! Where do you search for and/or end up finding your inspiration for such refreshing tracks?

Just through life experiences, we're big on keeping things organic. Being an artist is nothing special, being yourself is. We're also big on vibes, records that we release have to have a feeling, an energy that they can be presented on a grander scale versus just trying to appease the local scene.

We loved the video for your latest single "SQUAD", it really showcases your character, chemistry, and performance quality! How did the recording process for the video go?

It was a collaborative effort, honestly, no one said no haha. Lets shoot in front of the graffiti Walls... ok... Lets park the cars in front...ok let's use smoke bombs... ok ... Lets film our "Squad" meeting us at the airport... ok... Haha... It was really simple and straight to the point. The performances weren't practiced we just went with the flow.

It was a treat being able to feature “SQUAD” on BuzzMusic! We can’t wait to see what else you're both working on! What’s the next goal for you artistically within the music world, now that you’ve just released a new song and video?

Growth, the greatest gift, and compliment an artist can receive are to be given the opportunity to be heard. The goal is to expand our audience as much as possible. We thank you for that opportunity.

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