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Category Transformers Hybrid Citizen Is Our Favorite Band Of The Week!

Alright BuzzMusic readers—get ready for this next band we’re introducing next. Hybrid Citizen. An eclectic rock band that’s bringing us crazy elements within their music. We heard it, we loved it, and we want more! Thankfully, we’re getting more on June 29th with their anticipating single “Dusty Cloud”. Hybrid Citizen is definitely a band geared toward you alternative rock music lovers for sure, however they add indie elements that definitely can’t be ignored for the simple soft sound it adds to their sound. Based in the amazing (biased for sure) Los Angeles, CA, Hybrid Citizen performs all over the state, and their high energy performance are highly memorable!

We’re definitely staying on track with this band, and we know once you guys listen to them, you will too. Damn. The sound that “Flying Saucers” creates is incredible. We love rough alternative indie sounds, mixed with the greatest elements of rock, and Hybrid Citizen produces this exact kind fo sound—is it too early to say we’re in love? First off, the heavy guitar riffs is what will first catch your attention. Then, you’ll transcend into the pool of melodies Hybrid Citizen creates with the track. We cannot stress enough how incredible the guitar powers through in this track—it plays a serious aggressive part in “Flying Saucers”. These guys make us feel that kind of feeling that’s almost indescribable when you’re listening to a great song, but you know what feeling we’re talking about. We know we’ve said this over and over, but we love finding artists who transform the musical category they’re set to “define”.

Hybrid Citizen not only transforms the alternative indie/rock category, they’re creating a whole other category we aren’t sure how to describe yet. All we know is that you BuzzMusic listeners need to check this track out to see for yourself!

Listen to “Flying Saucers” here and get to know the band more in their interview below. 

Hey there! Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

We're Hybrid Citizen from Los Angeles, an alternative rock band with an eclectic twist!

Our lineup:

Bass: David Perez aka DP 

Drums: David Contreras

Lead guitar: Vocals / Andrew Galleran 

Rhythm guitar:  Vocals/ Justin Amen 

The sound you all create together is amazing. Do you ever find it easy to disagree on how the sound of Hybrid Citizen should be?

Yes sometimes it's easy to disagree, though we consider that a good thing. Disagreement is also the contribution of ideas. Because we go about writing new songs from various starting points, it's generally accepted that it could end up sounding completely different from the rest of the songs. -Andrew

What was the curation process like for “Flying Saucers”? How did you all come to envision the overall sound?

Flying Saucers was one of those songs that I wrote at home and showed the band the next day. After rehearsing the song as a band we showed it to our producer Audio Mech. He suggested a few changes to the structure and gave us cool ideas to work with. It was definitely a team effort! - Justin

What elements do you all believe are the most important to maintain throughout your music?

Some key elements that we'd like to keep in our writing is dynamics, different timbres, harmony and of course, melody! -David

We’re anticipating your next release “Dusty Cloud”! Can you tell us what other plans you have for the rest of this year?

After Dusty Cloud, get ready for a real treat. The next single to be released is our closer for when we play live, so naturally it packs a punch. We're more than excited to finally release it! 


Connect with Hybrid Citizen on social media:


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