Cathyy Releases a Poignant Heartbreak Anthem, "Craving You"

Hailing from London, England, the compelling pop artist and singer-songwriter Cathyy releases an ode to heartbreak with her latest single, "Craving You."

At the mere age of twenty-three, Cathyy has been making her way around the modern pop scene without an end in sight. Known for her emotional and catchy heartbreak anthems, Cathyy's musical influences stem from acts like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Lorde.

Recently releasing her savory and emotional single, "Craving You," Cathyy showcases her immense creativity and vocal prowess while winning any listener over with her relatable lyricism. Not to mention the song's soothing sonic atmosphere; we truly feel a sense of belonging after listening to this brilliant piece.

Delving into "Craving You," the venture begins with Cathyy's melodic and heavenly vocals that serenade us with immense emotion and heart. Alongside a tender and soothing electric guitar, Cathyy begins the listening experience without a dull moment. Once the down-tempo and airy drums pour through our speakers, Cathyy starts to dive deeper into the song's relatable and heavy lyrical theme.

We adore Cathyy's ability to transmute her heartbroken emotions into such a relatable listening experience, especially as she serenades us with fragile words like "-the taste, the rush, the way we touch, I need you close, too close ain't enough." As the song comes to a gentle and chilling end, the soulful electric guitar pierces our speakers one last time, leaving us feeling all sorts of emotions.

Experience the unique and angelic stylings of Cathyy's latest single, "Craving You," and get to know more of her heartbreak anthems on all digital streaming platforms.