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Catrina Clemsin Invites You To “Never Lose Your Magic”

“Never Lose Your Magic” is a powerful rock ballad by Finnish artist Catrina Clemsin. This grunge rock song has potent drums, an alluring guitar, and exciting vocals.

Catrina has traveled all around the world, learning about different cultures. She has worked as a street artist in Paris and collaborated with a band from Ghana. Catrina has built up a tremendous cultural background. This has helped her define what she wanted to do.

Catrina Clemsin found her path after years of making music and traveling worldwide. She decided to reinvent her career and start over. Now she works as a nurse, but music is her true passion. Catrina decided to focus her music just on Rock. She is heavily influenced by grunge rock bands like Pearl Jam or Nirvana. Her latest release is “Never Lose Your Magic,” where she sings about love.

You can hear a lot of grunge's musical influence on Catrina from the beginning of the song "Never Lose Your Magic." The song is all about love, but the aggressive slow drums and the guitar kind of give some angry vibes. A guitar solo at the end of the song may surprise you.

This song is perfect for some head-banging. It sounds a bit like Pearl Jam. The instruments are on point, and the solo is amazing. It is pure rock with love lyrics. Add some mysticism to your life today and stream, ‘’Never Lose Your Magic," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Catrina Clemsin, and congratulations on your latest release, "Never Lose Your Magic." How would you define your musical style? Why?

I would define it as an alternative rock. Because I sure have emerged from indie underground rock planet.

How do you expect your music to inspire and influence the alternative rock scene?

I wish to bring people more rock songs, and I wish more and more people feel the soul and spirit in my music. Let's just all love rock music and be happy.

Can you share the creative process behind writing "Never Lose Your Magic?"

I almost always write the lyrics first and did it just like that in this one. After that, I think about the rhythm and decide the tempo and the idea of the style of the song. At that stage, I also think about the chords that work together with the melody. After that, it becomes more about being inspired, being in the flow, and listening to the ideas that come to me about the melody and overall energy of the song.

How did you develop the idea for ''Never Lose Your Magic?"

I started to write the song after I had this soul connection with a lover of mine, he somehow weirdly touched my soul, and I wanted to honor the soul connections we have with other human beings while we are on this planet. Things don't always go how we expect them to, and then we just have to let go, even if the soul connection still exists. I also drew influence from many movies. I remember seeing one of the newer Batman movies at that time, and somehow it influenced me with the songwriting process; as you can hear, the song has a slightly dark undertone, just like those movies. The chorus was originally a lot longer, and it had a lot more complicated melody, but just before we played it live with my band, I decided to simplify it. I changed the name of the song in the process too.

What's next for you?

I am currently in the studio; we are working on three of my new songs, and one of them is almost finished and ready to be published.


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