CB5 Wants You to Know That You're "Perfect" With His Latest Music Release

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, is a multifaceted musician named Chris Brodnax, known artistically as CB5. The progressive creativity that CB5 instills within himself as an artist and within his mixes as a DJ/Producer is riveting. He releases projects that feature local and global artists, sound engineers, and producers so that his music can hone into an authentic diversified sound. His latest offering includes "Perfect," a song that captures the essence of beauty and deteriorates the toxic expectations of perfection itself.

The moment you hit play on "Perfect," a high-energy atmosphere will fill the air. CB5 uses his revolutionary and super-producing techniques to create a new, contemporary hip/hop and r&b art form. There's a real moment to escape with the vibrant, ambient tones and incredibly vivid soundscapes that CB5 strategically manifests. His song hosts verses that elevate the environment by instilling self-love amongst every listener.

We're impressed by the vibe-worthy, exotic production that CB5 pairs with inspirative words. CB5 had set out to explore the intricate layers of beauty, and "Perfect" was his platform to do so. Prepare to get wrapped up in the feel-good atmosphere that CB5 imprints onto his "Perfect" listeners.

Get onto the "Perfect" listening train now for a therapeutic rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul with CB5's strategic sound arrangement.

Welcome, CB5, and congratulations on releasing "Perfect." Where does your mind stand now that your song is released into the world of music?

Continue to make timeless music that can be played in any setting or mood you’re in. I feel like if my music doesn’t make people dance, sing-along, or have their head bouncing along with the beat and be amazed by crazy lyricism, then the song isn’t at its full potential. I’m very focused on putting substance back into songs, so I usually don’t release music unless it shows you I put my heart and soul onto each song for people to enjoy it at the highest level.

Do you tend to create music that carries similar messages and themes that "Perfect" contains? Where was the major influence for "Perfect" taken from?

I always try to create music that has an underlining meaning. I like to make my music personal so anyone who listens can connect to it and make it relatable to their own life. Most of my influences come from artists like J. Cole, Kendrick, Drake, and DJ Khaled in terms of collaboration so a lot of artists that I collab with have a similar style of music so it’s easy to create songs that are insightful but still enjoyable. The influence of the song is actually really crazy because Randy White came up with the hook and topic for Perfect, which he freestyled on the spot while we were streaming live together. And after Randy’s part was finished I actually drove out to Vegas for a session with LijahT which he wrote an incredible verse on the spot. He really expanded the song further and gave a different insight with his take on imperfections. They’re both tremendous songwriters so working with them on this song was really fun.

What does the integrity of "Perfect" mean to you as an artist and overall individual?

I think in today’s world we’re always searching for the perfect version of ourselves. And sometimes we even try to mimic or copy other people because we like their version of what a “perfect” person should embody. The thing is, it’s really our imperfections that make us perfect and create our individualism. Nobody in this world is perfect, not even your favorite artist, celebrity, peers, family member, or anybody you know or look up to. There’s nobody in the world that’s exactly like you so by keeping that in mind you’re already perfect in your own way.

Can you describe your overall intention for "Perfect" and how you were hoping it made your audience feel?

My main intention was to make this song so enjoyable that you can replay it 100 times a day and never get tired of it. Every time I listen back to it I always sing along and dance to it like it’s the first time I’m hearing it, and I always think “man the replay value is through the roof!” With Randy’s tremendous singing ability and LijahT’s spectacular ability to float on the track, I knew whoever hears this song is gonna fall in love with it and call it a certified classic.

What's next for you?

Currently, I’m working on the Perfect music video that’s going to be released in early January. I’m also working on my EP “CB VIBE5” that’s going to be released in 2022 featuring upcoming artists like UraelB, Deezy, Isaiah Bowers, Vee, and others. There’s a lot of big things that are going to be happening in 2022, from live performances to new music and videos so it’s really going to be a great and busy year. I’m excited to show everyone what I’ve been working on.

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