Cedric Des Illuminates Verses in, "Soul Glow"

Independent, soulful Hip-hop artist Cedric Des is based out of Oceanside, California, where he moves with authenticity and conviction. Delivering an infectious blend of old-school wordplay and new school bounce in a way that crosses genres and cultures, Cedric Des is making a name for himself with the memorable hits he continues to generate.

“Soul Glow,” is his most recent single, and let us tell you; he does not disappoint. The compelling tone that he utilizes captures a determined prevalence as he sweeps the frequencies with a lyrical feast. A wordsmith day in and day out, Cedric Des manages to share a wistful narrative as he rams his verses with an undeniable amount of witty quips.

The lyrical dexterity that he provides meshes in coagulation with the honeyed cadences he drips throughout the emotion-filled ambiance the instrumentation reveals. Alleviating in a manner that has us feeling an immediate release from any worries we may be facing, Cedric Des continues to bring his authenticity to the surface as he attempts to relate with his listeners far and wide.

Transmitting an elevated resilience in each word he zealously displays, “Soul Glow,” sets out to do exactly that; make your psyche radiate with beams of hopefulness. When it comes down to providing a message with the utmost talent, Cedric Des is an artist who passionately paints upon his canvas with brilliant hues of honesty.

Allowing the relatability he provides to resonate with at least one person listening, there are no doubts that his artistry will be lifting him up to a higher dimension.

We have to start off by saying the essence emanated in "Soul Glow" is truly outstanding. It sounds like you wrote this directly from a place of passion. Was the writing process reasonably easy to navigate through? How long did it take you to create this piece?

Thank you. Yeah, my writing process is mixed. Because I love music and connect with it deeply, it's easy to write. What's challenging about writing is I write about my life, lived experienced, and the world that's continually shaping me. That's kind of the catch with it all. Writing has been legit therapy for me, so even though it's healing to my soul, I also relive moments of my life that I sometimes haven't thought about for years. And, it ruffles that stuff up. Or sometimes, I'm writing in response to things happening to me and around me right now, and I'm in the emotional grit of dealing with it in real-time. Many times post writing sessions have to come with some self-care. Haha. Does this make sense? So, with this song, even though I just wrote it a few months ago, I feel like it's taken my whole life to create this piece.

Both musically and non-musically, what do you allow to shape the way you fluently flow on your verses?

Hmmm. A lot of things. Delivery and cadence are critical to me. The best combination for any message is what you say AND how you say it. Haha. One of the things I typically do when I write is not introducing a beat to the process. Most of my verses stem from being in a place of deep thought. And once I start flowing from that place, I pretty much want it uninterrupted or shaped. Listening to an entirely produced beat with downbeats, bass drops, and all the fixings can sometimes impact the message before it fully expresses itself. And I think the only way to get something genuinely fluid is not to force it. So, I don't force rhymes or rhyme endings. I've always appreciated non-rhyming poems, so I don't feel pressed to end every bar with a rhyming word. Haha. But once I feel like the initial outpour is complete, then I link up with my producer, Kenaniah (Major shout-outs to the goat), like, "Yo, I've got an idea." And we cook up together from there. As far as non-musical inspiration goes, I draw inspiration from any and everywhere. From my relationship with God, family, and friends to strangers I come across. I draw a ton of inspiration just being in the streets, to be honest. Not in a negative way. Ha. I'm very involved with local outreaches doing their best to feed and clothe people and help get life-saving and life-improving resources to people. I'm very motivated by people that dedicate their lives to helping people. It's taught me a lot about compassion and empathy. And it's put the onus on me to say something meaningful and purposeful with my art. It's a trip when people listen to something I've written and say it compelled them to some action or made them feel even a smidge more optimistic about their life. Like, that's crazy dope. And I feel like I've made a difference.

"Soul Glow," provides us with a deeper look into who you are as an individual and artist. What does this song mean to you as the creator?

As the creator, I'm just proud to have created a piece of art for the world to consume. One of my favorite lines from the song is, "Had to man up as a child, so now it's okay If I cry some". It's a simple line but heavy for people like me who haven't shed tears since childhood, or the moments have been very few and usually related to extremes, like death in the family. Like, I can't remember the last time I cried because I responded to the world or my situation, you know? I was told to "man up" as a child and haven't stopped "manning up" to my detriment as an adult. And this song, for me, is liberation from that. I can cry and be emotionally in tune with myself. It's a beautiful and healing expression. And you guys can too.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the messaging you emit as an artist?

Ultimately, I hope to make music messaging that helps other people see the importance of being genuine and authentic with themselves. It's easy, to be honest with others, but learning to deal with ourselves positively and productively is difficult. Like, I want people to know themselves and find their purpose. And I also pray that it encourages people to connect with the creator. There's beauty in developing that relationship and being more connected to this world spiritually. I want to put good art into the world that speaks to people's hearts in some capacity.